Sunday, July 17, 2011

Slathering the toilet seat lid with soap is fun to do, fun to do, to do to do!

Princess Sarah's new favorite activity has stinging consequences...... Messy ones, too!

Soft soap and kids shampoo makes for some slippery fun!!! You can't see it because the toilet seat is white, but believe me, it's there (and all over the front of her dress as well. We've already mentioned her skin above)!!! Can anyone say, "bathtime?"

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The Browns said...

Poor Sarah!! Elizabeth did that a few months ago. Just not on the toilet and it was bubble solution. Pretty traumatic.

Thanks for all the pictures of the house!!! I bugged all the kids about it so I hope they didn't bug you TOO bad! =] I love houses with stairs! If I had stairs, my bum wouldn't be as big as it is! =]