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Hey Mom! 

I'm doing great! The temple was amazing and we have like no time to write today gaaaah!

This week we had some great lessons! We have a new energy and motivation to help investigators be less apathetic. We feel that our commitments for the people in this area have been a little hard for them. We helped some of them come up with small "goals" that they can make for themselves to improve and repent. Then, we promised them blessings and offered ways for them to accomplish these goals. We also had them commit us to do something in turn to help them feel the motivation of a group effort. It's going pretty well! :) 
I learned this week that a temple sealing is extremely short but is pretty much the most powerful ordinance I've ever seen! I was blown away at the spirit that was in the sealing room when the Ludeman's knelt at the altar and made sacred binding promises to each other. I could see and feel the love they have for each other and the love that the …
Hey Mom!
Great first week of the transfer so far! Yes I am still with Elder Hanna. I am so excited to tell you about everything that is happening!!
First, I have to plan my first District Council for this transfer ALL today because I just got the official outline for it from the APs this morning... and it's tomorrow!!!! AHHH! 
Then, later this week we have several sweet lessons! 
Saturday, Elder Hanna and I will get to go to the Tri-Cities with Brother and Sister Jones because the "L" family from Wenatchee is getting sealed!!!!! I had to get official permission to go. (Especially because it means leaving the mission). It will be the first sealing I've ever been to! I am super excited to be there and visit with members from Rocky Reach!  The "L's" are an amazing couple and they've been waiting for this day for awhile. I can't wait!
Also, next week's p-day will be Wednesday because our zone is taking a trip to the temple to do an endowment ses…
Hey Mom!
I am not being transferred. However, our mission will have 2 less Elders when the new missionaries will come in so President Lewis has to close an area. He's closing the Moses lake 2nd Ward East area where Elders Bawden and Shupe are serving. Because of that, I am District Leader again! I am changing districts in order to replace Elder Shupe but we are staying in 4th and 7th. Elder Bawden is going to The Dalles... :'(
My District will be the 2nd ward Sisters (Hirsche & Luevano), the Zone leaders (11th & YSA, Wilkey and Haymond! Yay!) and the 10th & YSA sisters (Averett & Michalek). Not too many changes with transfers. I am just sad to see Elder Bawden go. I may not see him again! It will be cool to have Elder Haymond again though! We were in the MTC together and we were trained in the same zone. I haven't really seen him since then!
Thanks for sharing what Sister Lewis said! That makes me happy! I've definitely learned a lot of patience out he…
Hey Mom! It was a pretty typical crazy week for us!
Conference was great! You need to make some time to watch the Saturday sessions (including priesthood!) They were all great!

I LOVED Conference this week. We even had ONE investigator watch it (though many were invited...) while she and her husband (member) were out of town! She loved it and they received many answers. I received several answers to questions as well! 
One thought in particular that stood out to me was when Elder Gary E. Stevenson talked about Priesthood keys. He said that it is our sacred privilege to work and serve under the direction of Priesthood keys. I know that I will continue to work under priesthood keys after I return home from my mission, but it really stuck out to me that I don't have a lot of time left. I need to savor every day and remember the wonderful privilege it is to be working and serving under the direction of chosen mission leaders who hold the keys or who have them delegated to them. What a …
What a week!

At zone conference I saw an Elder that looked super familiar from across the room! I walked over and instantly recognized him as a priest from the Duportail ward! John C.! He and his twin brother were among the group that Elders Johnson, Loertscher and I interacted with in priests quorum every Sunday. He's all grown up (haha) and is on a "trial-mission" right now. It's where you go to a neighboring mission for 2 transfers if you have health related or other issues un-endowed and without MTC training. After the 2 transfers it is then determined if the missionary feels he can do the real thing and stick with it. He's currently in his first transfer up in Ephrata with Elder Leavitt (Elder Poloncic's "Father"). It was SUPER neat to run into Elder Cornelison! He and I were able to catch up with each other and he updated me on how Duportail is doing. Nothing too exciting but several of the youth I knew there are now missionaries which is SO c…