Sunday, October 30, 2011

HP Girls rule, Twilight Girls drool!

Fall Orchestra Concert

Emily's Orchestra concert was Monday evening at 7:30, and they did a really great job.

 There are 3 High Schools in this town and each one has a different focus.  Columbia (CHS) has a music focus, so that's where Emily goes for her Orchestra class (they bus the Nampa High and Skyview High School students over to Columbia on "B" days).
 Emily is a 2nd Violin in the Philharmonia Orchestra.  She had a solo in the first piece.
Mr. Johnson....Emily's Director/Teacher

 A snapshot of the Orchestra after the concert.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Camera challenged!

Why do I forget to take pictures of important events?  I think I'm going to have to permanently hang my camera around my neck (and only remove it when I'm going to come into contact with water) so that I'm prepared for any moment.  Chanon had a Birthday on Monday....did I remember to take any pictures?  Yes.........after the celebration was over.  Arghhhhh!!!!  Oh well.  I guess when you get so dangerously close to 50 you aren't too excited to have your birthdays documented anymore, anyway.

Happy Birthday Chanon!!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Houston, We Have Ignition (and heat)!!!!

We have had no heat.  Not too big of a deal seeing that we're not in the dead of winter yet and the coldest it's gotten in the house (that I've seen) is 64 degrees, but the mornings ARE feeling pretty chilly.  We programmed, and re-programmed, the thermostat hoping for results-- but alas, no heat.  I emailed our Property manager (I have learned that if I email maintenance first, a month can go by with no response, but emailing the Property manager assigned to our house gets the job done!).  Anyway, yesterday the first maintenance guy who came was a young guy, a little inexperienced.  He had me believing we had no furnace at all because he couldn't find one anywhere.  "I'll tell the owner you need a furnace!" I asked if he thought it could be in the attic, but he didn't think so and I don't have a ladder so I couldn't check.  A second maintenance guy stopped by later in the day and confirmed that the furnace is indeed in the attic (WEIRD!).  Evidently a trademark of Hubble Homes.  After inspection, it turns out that the igniter was not igniting and needed to be replaced.  They, of course, didn't have the part so ANOTHER maintenance guy came this morning.  The part he put in was not exactly the correct size but was all he had and will work until he can pick up the correct size in Boise tomorrow and then stop by AGAIN to hopefully have the thing up and running for good (or, at least for this winter!).  Sorry--no picture of the furnace.  I don't have a ladder, remember?!!

Corn that redundant?

No, it's really not....unless you change the spelling, but that's beside the point!  Dean ventured out with the Mutual kids from our Ward to the Linder Farms Corn Maze.  (Emily had a sore throat so she stayed home...we thought it best that she not be out in the cold for hours.  She's mature for her age, so she was ok with that).  Here's a picture of Dean's map.  This was all they had to assist them in finding their way out.  The corn plants were tall.  It was really confusing, and several miles long.  If Dean had been alone, without his group, he'd probably still be lost in the Maze as we speak (his observation, not mine).  It was cold, it was eerie, but oh so fun!  The best part?  Donuts and hot chocolate at the end!

My Name is Russell....

Nathan thinks it's the funniest thing to dress up in this Cub Scout Uniform and pretend to be Russell from "Up".
He's got the whole line memorized of course (Rote Memory is a VERY strong trait/talent/ability for children with Autism!).  "Hi, my name is Russell and I am a Wilderness Explorer in tribe 54, sweat lodge 12.  Are you in need of any assistance today, Sir?"


Ahhhhh.....Music To My Ears!

Amy performed in her School's Orchestra/Band concert Tuesday night, and it was fabuloso!  Amy is in the beginning group (because she is a 6th grader in Middle School) and it was the best beginning group I have probably ever heard.  WOW!!!!!  There was also a Jazz band, Concert band and Orchestra, and Intermediate Band and Orchestra.  Every group sounded fantastic...I was very impressed.  It was great to hear such wonderful music-making!  The last performance of the evening was the Nampa High School Marching Band presenting their show "Mediterranean Rhythms".  It was very entertaining (but LOUD!).

Here's Amy getting ready to play (she is the 3rd from the left):
 The whole group (Orchestra and Band students play together....just like a real Symphony Orchestra!).
 Amy is the 3rd kid from the Right (actually playing this time).  Too bad the picture is blurry.  My camera did NOT want to cooperate.
 Here's a partial shot of the High School Marching band show:
I'm looking forward to Emily's Orchestra concert next week!

Friday, October 7, 2011

*Thursday Thrills*

It was a good day, today.  No school, no more 80 to 90 degree temps, no one else has gotten stomach flu since Sunday (knock on wood)......we went to the dollar theater this afternoon and watched Cars 2 (it only cost $12 for myself and the 5 kids!).  I walked out the door without my camera, so no pictures, unfortunately.

But, the best news of all?  This evening while browsing Craig's list, I found a very nice, oak dining table (oval--48" x 70" with the leaf) and chairs for $175 HERE IN NAMPA (many of the sets I saw were in Meridian, or Boise, or Caldwell)!!!!!  We went and looked at it tonight and brought it home. There's hardly a scratch on it, and it is oh, so beautiful!  Might I remind you that we have been using my craft table in the kitchen, complete with table cloth, and cheap-o folding chairs.  Better than nothing at all, but not big enough, and definitely NOT very aesthetically pleasing.  Since our house finally rented we went ahead and "splurged".  I have been looking the past couple of days for something cheap (because we're still poor), but decent (at the very least), and really lucked out!  Someone else was selling an identical set on Craig's list for $325 (Geez!).

My new dining set in all its beautiful splendor.  Chair pads included!

Choir Concert or Alley Cat Chorus?

     Ha hum....hmmmm (clearing throat):  I went to Dean and Emily's (Nampa High School) concert Tuesday night prepared to hear some great singing.  While I told Dean and Emily that I'm sure THEY sounded great, I do have to say that overall, the concert was "not good" fact, it stunk!
     We're used to Coconino High School Choir...yes, there have been some bad beginning choirs there, but year after year without fail the CHS Chamber singers are phenomenal.   The Concert Choir is usually pretty good, too!  Not the case here, unfortunately.  I don't really think that the Choir Director here can be blamed.  He seems like he knows what he's doing...and I mean, you're only as strong as what you have to work with.  Surely there have got to be some kids somewhere at Nampa High School (besides mine) who can actually sing.  Maybe there is a reason why Choir at this High School seems to be a "Well-kept secret"!  Of course, what do you expect when you've got kids in the choir who have names like "Cow" and "Taco"!!!!  I don't think Choir will be on the schedules next year!
 Dean is on the top row, 3rd from the right.  Emily is on the bottom row, 2nd from the left.
 The whole Concert choir (gotta love the robes!)
Getting ready to "sing".

I really miss playing for, and hearing, the CHS choirs in Flagstaff!  Dean really misses BEING in a CHS choir.  Too bad Emily didn't have the opportunity to sing at CHS!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

And the winner is..............

DEAN!!!!!   Yes, poor Dean was the next in line to fall ill this morning at 5am.  Amy spent some time today saying her stomach felt funny, but no confirmed case yet.  Darn.  When yesterday came and went with no more illness I was hoping we were done, but no such luck.  Maybe Dean will be the last "sicko"......only time will tell!