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February 13th, 2017

This has been quite the strange week. It went from frustrating and degrading to giving me one of the happiest days on my mission. 

So to explain, Sister Chandler and I were struggling a little bit. Things were said during a lesson that shouldn't have been said, and we ended up having an argument. I felt, in the nicest term, like trash. I don't always feel helpful. The amazing Sister Chandler is wonderful and productive, but in the process of that she is also really quick and assertive. I worry that I slow her down and frustrate her, nor am I as sensitive to things as she is because she thinks of things before I do. We talked before bed because I locked myself in the bathroom for 10 minutes. I'm doing my best to worry more about other people, but not last Monday.

Right before all of this, we'd been talking about getting the ball rolling with youth sharing social media. Sister Chandler has been trying to put me in charge of it because I keep bringing it up, but that's …

February 6th, 2017

Hi Mom!Sister Chandler and I are staying and I'm so glad!!!  Sister Chandler is too, but she'll only have one other transfer after this.  She doesn't want to be a 3 area sister missionary like a lot of missionaries have been.She probably will see a new area next transfer, especially with the temple open house coming up soon.  She's bummed because she will only get to help with that for a week, and that's where her parents were married.  But her parents will come pick her up, so hopefully they can enjoy the Idaho Falls temple that way.  But we're happy to stay with each other and have some sanity!  They are making a lot of changes to our Zone, though.  It's a lot smaller now, but Sister Settle is still one of my Sister Training Leaders.
This past Sunday  was pretty hilarious.  We were trying to think of what we could do instead of interrupting people who prefer to watch the super bowl instead of talk to us (we found people to teach and serve luckily) and we en…

December and January Emails

Wow...I didn't realize I was so behind with my posts!  I thought it had only been a couple of weeks, but looks like closer to a month and a half.  Here are the rest of December's, and January's, emails and pictures from Sister B!

December 26th
So, yesterday we opened our presents, went to church (late because we got stuck at one point), then we went to the Laird's house to skype.  I was in their daughter's old room (she got married last week!).  Then we ate lunch with the Lairds, stayed for a little bit, and then headed to Bishop Child's house for dinner (the ward mission leader's name is Brother Kidd :) ). The Child's taught me how to play catchphrase, which I'm terrible at, and spot it, which is more fun!  Bishop Child is funny and is also great at listening to us!  We hope to help him as well.  The Lairds are also super sweet!  They're always willing to help out!  You can thank brother Laird for helping us get things figured out with skype, inc…