Monday, February 6, 2017

February 6th, 2017

Hi Mom!
Sister Chandler and I are staying and I'm so glad!!!  Sister Chandler is too, but she'll only have one other transfer after this.  She doesn't want to be a 3 area sister missionary like a lot of missionaries have been.She probably will see a new area next transfer, especially with the temple open house coming up soon.  She's bummed because she will only get to help with that for a week, and that's where her parents were married.  But her parents will come pick her up, so hopefully they can enjoy the Idaho Falls temple that way.  But we're happy to stay with each other and have some sanity!  They are making a lot of changes to our Zone, though.  It's a lot smaller now, but Sister Settle is still one of my Sister Training Leaders.

This past Sunday
 was pretty hilarious.  We were trying to think of what we could do instead of interrupting people who prefer to watch the super bowl instead of talk to us (we found people to teach and serve luckily) and we ended up getting roped into two Elder's Quorum meetings!  It ended up being ok because we are the missionaries in the stake and the Elder's Quorum Presidents invited us to talk about missionary work.  That's probably the only time I would be able to do that as a sister! 😅

Yay for Amy!  I figured she would get 1st violin.  I wonder what seat she'll get.  I probably won't be able to send her a card this week, but hopefully next Monday.  I have Heidi's card today and will send it in the mail. I'm so slow!! :)  Oh my gosh, is she going to be 17?!!

I'm proud of Sarah too!  That's awesome!  What did she have to do for the reading program? Obviously read 😊, but a certain number of books or something time wise?  I'm glad school is going well for Nathan.  Hopefully he's enjoying it! :) That's so sweet of the cub scouts!  Sister Chandler's mom is sending her a package too.  I'm excited about the envelope from Nathan and Sarah!  I need to draw them pictures!

I love you too!
~Sister Brinkerhoff

  Last week's Laser tag (Lots of fun!  They had a Nymphadora Tonks vest that I was dying to wear, but I found out the strap was broken a little. Oh well, it still worked! I managed to get off the bottom of the roster during the last round...)😅

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