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Hey Mom!

I am so frustrated with 'MyLDSMail' right now haha I keep losing my draft email to you and I swear I sent one to you last week but obviously it never sent and I can't find it in the sent mail either. Oh well.
I got your letter with the $$. That was lucky because the 'M' family is still receiving our mail even though we moved to another place and they just left for a couple of weeks on a long trip! I caught Sister M on the day before they left so I got your letter, my trunky papers and a letter from Grandma. If you sent anything else, hopefully I get it! The 'M's' should have someone else watching their mail so they will get it to me. 
Can you figure out if I can have 3 checked bags or is it 2? That's like the only question I have. In my paperwork it says only two, however I have three... I'm thinking that this might be a problem??
Sorry this is brief, it keeps deleting my drafts to you. Satan is hacking the email system! lol
Yes, we act…
Hello All! 
I have done a terrible job at updating all of you in group emails! Hope you are well!
Well, let's see... last Monday started off on the right foot! We got our laundry done in time to get our weekly car wash and then proceeded to email at the Moxee library. Right near the end of our emailing time however, we got a call from a local housing coordinator for missionaries in the Selah stake letting us know that we would be moving out of our host family's house and into a new one because they would be having family moving in the next day! He thought that someone had previously informed us of the move, but no one had! He said "I'll be over in about an hour to help pick up the furniture and beds, etc, make sure that you've gotten everything out and cleaned up by then" 
AHHHHHHHHH!! Let's just say that p-day was pretty much over at that point...
We proceeded to jump in the car and race home as fast as our lovely Tiwi box would allow so that we could b…
Hey Mom! Going great! 

My last Zone Conference was REALLY short, but it was neat to hear from Elder Johnson again on my mission and to see a bunch of missionaries I will probably never see again! There's so many new missionaries that I had no idea who they were either. It's so weird! Elder Decker (my ZL who goes home with me) made a comment that he was SO tired. I sympathized and agreed with him. I said "the tired never seems to go away!" then he said something like the tired will go away... in 3 weeks! [  :D and :'(  ]
On Saturday I went on exchanges in Naches with my District Leader Elder Shupe. It was pretty cool. He's from Syracuse Utah and is actually in this seminary video at time :38 seconds! He's the one who gets up and walks away from the girl in the pink shirt haha
I can't believe Emily is leaving next week! Time goes too fast. I heard a rumor that siblings…
Hi Mom! 

Wow.. Crazy week!
Yeah the mission office will either forward the pkg to me or they will just wait to give it to me in zone conference this Friday. I wish the mission office was in my zone but unfortunately it is just outside of it in the Yakima Zone. (Selah zone covers north Yakima)
I am continuing my weekly sessions of My Plan. Last week I was asked to consider my patriarchal blessing and to think about where I want to be in 1 year. This week I will be watching videos and making plans for "continuing discipleship" Should be good! Better than week 5 anyway! (Week 5 is marriage and dating prep...)
We had Zone Training Meeting on Saturday and it was pretty neat. I was able to reunite with Elders Rosenkrantz, Jeffs, Cicon and a few others. I was shocked that I would have to give a departing testimony though... And I was up first! (3 others gave theirs as well, Decker, Rosenkrantz and Wilkey). It wasn't easy to do. We normally give those at Zone conference which is…