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Blogger is psycho.....

Sorry again...I just saw that another old post got emailed out.  I'm not sure what's going on!!!!?!!!!!  Weird.

Latest letter

****Sorry to those of you who receive email updates...I don't know why, but I think one of my old posts from 2012 (about gophers) got emailed out recently.  Weird!****

Dear Mom,
     Hey, how has your week been?  We've had a great one!  We had members present at all of our lessons!  We only had 6, but it's better than none.  We've had to drop a couple of investigators unfortunately because they just aren't progressing.

     To answer your question about what a typical day for us is like:  Our week goes Monday to Sunday.  Monday is P-day (preparation day) of course.  We are up at 6:30 every morning and our morning schedule is usually the same with breakfast and showers from 7 to 8am.  Personal study from 8 to 9 and companion study from 9 to 10.  We are in walking distance to the family History Center, so we usually head over at about 9:30 to get computers before all the other missionaries get there! ha ha  We're there from about then to whatever time it…

"Domesticated Elder"

I just received this short email and picture from Br. W. this evening (a member of the ward that Elder B. serves in).  This family is wonderful....they feed my son and Elder J. on a regular basis.  During the hot summer months, they keep a small fridge stocked with cold drinks for the Elders so they can stop in and get a drink when they need to (this is a walking car or bikes).  Br. W. also sends me pictures from time to time.  I'm so grateful for this family!!!!
************************************************************** Br. W. titled this picture "Domesticated Elder"! ha ha "He insisted on helping with dishes after dinner!  What an Elder!  :) He's awesome."

~The 'W' family
This week's pictures:

Here's a great meal provided by Sister "A" in our ward after 7 hours of weekly planning this last Friday. She spoiled us good with Zips burgers/fish 'n' chips, halloween candy, soda and ice cream!!

Here's where I am every Monday!  This is the Family History Center where we e-mail. This was from last week.
Here's p-day at the stake center! (me: Were you studying instead of playing b-ball?!!!! ;o) // Elder B.:Yyyyyyyep!)

Here's some background on what Duportail is! All the street names in this area are named after generals.

I Love you mom!!!!!!! :) <3 have a great week!
Meet the Mormons

Listen to this! Elder J. and I had this happen. Yesterday we were feeling kinda discouraged after tracting a bit and all of a sudden this car drives by real quick and we hear the word "Mormons" as it drives by. We just assume someone is yelling hate at us again, but then it turns around and comes back. There's this guy in it that yells "Hey! Are you guys mormons?" Elder Johnson and I are like, "Yep! We sure are!" and he says "I just got back from that Meet the Mormons movie! Have you guys seen it? It was great! I had you guys pegged all wrong! I have the utmost respect for you now! You missionaries keep up the great work and Praise Jesus! God bless!" Then he drove off real quick and we were like almost running after him like "Thank you! Hey wait! What's your name? Where do you live? Do you wanna get baptized????? hahaha lol It was pretty cool. We don't know who he was but the movie has touched someone already! Ho…

Yay, it's Monday!

"Hey! Can't wait to get my book and letter! :) Yep! We just got the transfer call on Sunday morning that we're both staying.  I'm very glad that I am staying.  I'm no longer in training now and we are excited for our next transfer together. Is that a song from 'Meet the Mormons'? (I sent him a copy of the song from the movie) Is MTM going to play in Flagstaff?

"Thanks for the pictures! We had a great time watching conference this weekend! We watched them all at the stake center except for the Sun Morning one with the 'W' family and 'C'. This conference was powerful! Did you see all of it?
"Here's another picture of Elder R. and I on our exchange this week. He came to my area and Elder J. went to theirs."
(This was a short email...he writes more in snail mail! We also send little emails back and forth (one liners mostly), but nothing that would really qualify as blog fodder! ha ha)

Sunday morning session of Conference with the "W" family

We enjoyed having the Elders over for Breakfast and to watch the morning session of conference today.  Biscuits and gravy, conference then playing a skittle game with the kids.

We love having them in our home.  We were also able to hear, with them, that they both will be staying in our ward through this transfer so Elder J. will finish his mission here.  We are excited for that blessing to have them both another six weeks.
Thank you for sharing your sons with us,
Love the "W" family.

Now that I'm feeling less lazy about typing, here are some excerpts from Elder B's  September 1st letter:
"Every other transfer we have a zone conference and in-between we have a temple trip.  We will hopefully get to go pretty soon!

"Yes, we are close to some baptisms hopefully.  "D" is someone I've told you about who is just about there.  We've taught him all the lessons almost, so once everything is done he will be baptized!  We are also waiting for "M's" baptism.  She is a 9 year old foster daughter who just needs a baptism date and will be baptized by a boy in their family who is 16 years old.  It will count for our key indicators though because we were the ones who taught her the lessons.  We also just had a breakthrough with "L" last night.  She expressed many interesting things to us.  She's been to church and we've been giving her reading to do each week.  She expressed to us that she was glad we come visit …