Monday, October 6, 2014

Yay, it's Monday!

"Hey! Can't wait to get my book and letter! :) Yep! We just got the transfer call on Sunday morning that we're both staying.  I'm very glad that I am staying.  I'm no longer in training now and we are excited for our next transfer together. Is that a song from 'Meet the Mormons'? (I sent him a copy of the song from the movie) Is MTM going to play in Flagstaff?

"Thanks for the pictures! We had a great time watching conference this weekend! We watched them all at the stake center except for the Sun Morning one with the 'W' family and 'C'. This conference was powerful! Did you see all of it?

"Here's another picture of Elder R. and I on our exchange this week. He came to my area and Elder J. went to theirs."

(This was a short email...he writes more in snail mail! We also send little emails back and forth (one liners mostly), but nothing that would really qualify as blog fodder! ha ha)

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