Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Did somebody call for an excavation expert?

Um...............don't think so!!!!!

But we got one anyway in the backyard.

It's one of the joys of living in Idaho, as well as living in a newer subdivision with some recent new home construction (which means "critter displacement"....causing said critters to scope out new turf.  I guess our yard was prime real estate since we have no dogs, unlike the surrounding yards).  We had high hopes that the neighbor cat was going to help us out with some free extermination services:

But alas, apparently Garfield needs to read "Rodent Hunting for Dummies".  

We probably needed one of these instead  
(where were my snake-catching brothers when I needed them?):
 (gopher snake)

Or one of these:
(Some kind of predatory bird with a long beak that likes to eat gophers)

But instead I emailed the property management company and they sent over an exterminator.  
He dug a hole next to one of the mounds:
 .....inserted a gopher trap at one of the tunnel openings:
 And about an hour later, the trap was sprung:
I called to let him know and then he came by and removed "the body".  
Thank you "Bug Boyz Pest Control" of Boise!!!!!
Sorry, Gopher.  Your digging days are done, and you are DEFINITELY "not in the book" now 
(nor will you ever be, heh heh)!!!!!!