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Almost home!
Hi Mom! 

Happy Memorial Day! Oh man! That is exciting for Emily! Can't believe this is all actually happening still! Sister Brinkerhoff will be off on an adventure before we know it!
I was very glad to be transferred. There were a lot of pluses to leaving Moses Lake actually haha! I am no longer DL, I have a car, I don't have to tract 4th and 7th a third time and now I'm closer to the mission headquarters!
Ok. About Moxee: It is a WEIRD place, but I love it! It's sweet! It has the reputation for being the safest city in Washington apparently. Moxee has its own ward and it's the only one we cover (Thank goodness! Only one unit!). Our ward covers all of Moxee and part of Terrace Heights. It is a small town in the Selah zone. It is just outside of Yakima on the east side of the valley. Moxee is known for it's "hops fields". (Hops are plants or something...) They usually end up being used for beer flavoring.. and they are everywhere! You can see the hops …

Elder B. transferring to Selah Zone!

Bye Bye Moses lake! Off to Selah!!

Hey Mom! 
Sister Hogsett might have told you but I'm not sure. I have been released as a District leader and am being transferred to Moxee in the Selah zone! I will be in the same district I previously was when I served in Yakima 2nd ward! Pretty crazy! I'm replacing Elder Poloncic actually and I will be serving with his 'son' Elder Powell. I'm pretty excited!
Yeah, I'm trying to catch up on my mission adventures. I am so behind in my journal! I have a goal to write everyday but it doesn't always happen... This week has been nuts! I had my last District Council of this transfer and we were asked to speak in 4th ward sacrament meeting. We didn't have much notice. We were asked on Saturday afternoon so it was a pretty stressful day waiting for transfer calls and trying to write our talks! 
What details were in the trunky papers? I haven't gotten any yet but I should near "the end".
I'll try to get some i…

Exciting News!

We are excited to announce that our daughter, Emily, has been called to serve in the Idaho Twin Falls mission!  She reports June 22nd.  She was called to this mission, but we've heard a rumor that there will be some mission re-alignment taking place July 1st, which means she will actually be serving in the Idaho-Idaho Falls Mission!

Hi Mom!

It was so exciting to get the news from Sister Hogsett about Emily! She sent her husband over to the house with an envelope with her picture and the news on it. We weren't home yet so I got it from Brother Jones. I opened it and read the news about an hour and a half after she opened it if I got the timing right!
The week was great! It's hard to remember what happens week to week but that's why my planner comes in handy! 
We had interviews with President and Sister Lewis and it was so good! I hope to be writing in my journal more consistently because of Sister Lewis's pep talk all about it. President helped me feel confident in what I am doing and helped me have kind of a reset or reassurance that my efforts have been meaningful! It has been a hard few transfers and he knows what I'm going through. He knows I'm capable of handling all of it though. Doing my best to press Forward!! he wants me to document what Elder Hanna and I have been doing to help th…
(Posting this just a little late.....)
Hi Mom!
Feels weird that I've been out 22 months but the work has been great! District meetings have been fun! I've been training the district on how to create effective lesson plans and it's really helping everyone. Elder Hanna and I included! We took some time to create a plan with scriptures and questions for a make-believe investigator and then took time to roleplay/practice the plans we made. I don't have another one for 2 weeks though because of our monthly Zone Training Meeting coming up this week. 
We had a wonderful time at the temple this Wednesday and we have received so many blessings and insights from our time there. The spirit has been very strong. It helped Elder Hanna and I to receive revelation for our investigators. Particularly the "C" family. They are our top investigators this week. We have committed them to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know it's true.
District Council has been very enlig…