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Now it's time to learn!!!!

First day of school here in Idaho!

Dean (11th Grade...Nampa High School)
Classes: "A-day"--U.S. History, CP Physics (I guess that's like "AP"), Spanish 1, English (American Literature....yay, hopefully no "crappy" novels this year!) "B-day"--Seminary, Speech (as in Speech and's a required course here), Economics, Concert Choir (bummer because he had made Chamber Singers at CHS in Flagstaff!)
Emily (9th grade at Nampa High School)
Classes: "A-DAY"--US History, Physical Science, English, Seminary
"B-DAY"--Orchestra 1 (she has to take a shuttle to another High School for this class....weird!), Algebra, Desktop publishing, Concert Choir (Yes, she and Dean will be in the same class!)

Amy (6th Grade at Lone Star Middle School)
Classes: Beginning Orchestra, Social Studies, Advisory (basically a junk class), Language Arts/Writing, Math 6, Science, Language Arts/Reading
Amy wants to join Cross Country this year, but I t…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! (from Grandma)

OK Grandma, these are for you!

Nathan with his presents from Grandma that came in the mail: He was SO excited! (he really needs a haircut!!!)
Yay....Cars 2 stuff!

Cars 2 shirt!

Cars 2 book!

Very pleased and happy boy!

Sarah had just woken up from a nap so she doesn't look too thrilled, but she really was!

Yay--"Tangled" stuff! (o:

She was really excited when she saw the clothes! She immediately hugged them to herself.

Yay....a coloring book with stickers! The stickers are now all over the inside cover (better than on the walls on furniture!) (o:

THANKYOU GRANDMA CAROLYN--They loved everything!!!!!!!!

Happy, happy, Birthday to you!

Nathan's Birthday is on the 18th, Sarah's is on the 28th, but we celebrated them both on the 14th!!!!.......(?) Nathan couldn't stand it any longer (there's no reasoning with him), and Dad doesn't work on Sunday so we went ahead and did it early!

Nathan with his presents....just chomping at the bit waiting to tear in!

He wanted a Zurg (pictured), Finn and Holly cars from Cars 2, and Dinosaurs....and that's what he got!

Sarah wanted "Rapunzel stuff".....

She got a Rapunzel doll, some Rapunzel hair........

..............and "TANGLED"!!!!!!!
She also got a Barbie
(maybe she'll leave Amy's alone now...maybe)
and a princess game.

3 years old (almost) and afraid to blow out the candles! Nathan's a pro at 6 years old (he's got experience!)

Excitement! Fear!!!!!!

Yum...cake! (Where's Amy?)


The week in pictures (mostly)!

WELL! This was a somewhat productive week. All the kids are now registered for school (we'll save school pics for next week!). We got some yardwork done, and our sprinklers FINALLY got fixed. The lawn is starting to green up (no picture of that yet).

Chanon mowing the lawn (before sprinklers were fixed): My front door/entry project:

The bushes were already there, but when we moved in this area was a bit of a mess! I cleared out the weeds, tidied up, added rock borders, the white rock and three urns. The pink flowers in the back were planted in the tall urn AFTER this picture was taken. This morning when I went outside they looked like they are dying. I do not have a green thumb. In fact, I think I have a black thumb, which is why I have silk plants in my house. I may even plant some silk flowers in that urn if the pink flowers don't perk back up!!!!

Who would've guessed (other than a botanist) that this pretty little tree in our front yard was hiding a secret?

Yep, in addit…

PittyPat and TippyToe

All day long they come and go......PITTYPAT and TIPPYTOE!!!! Footprints up and down the hall, playthings scattered on the floor~

Finger-marks along the wall, Tell-tale smudges on the door~

By these presents you shall know.............PITTYPAT and TIPPYTOE.

How they riot at their play!

And a dozen times a they troop, demanding bread~
Only [peanut]buttered bread will do, and that [peanut]butter must be spread inches thick with [jelly] too! And I never can say, "No, Pittypat and Tippytoe!"

Sometimes there are griefs to soothe, sometimes ruffled brows to smooth; For (I much regret to say) Tippytoe and Pittypat sometimes interrupt their play with an internecine spat;

Fie, for shame! to quarrel so---Pittypat and Tippytoe!

Oh, the thousand worrying things everyday recurrrent brings! Hands to scrub and hair to brush, search for playthings gone amiss, many a wee complaint to hush, many a little bump to kiss; life seems one vain, fleeting show to Pittypat and Tippytoe!

And when d…