Monday, August 22, 2011

Now it's time to learn!!!!

First day of school here in Idaho!

Dean (11th Grade...Nampa High School)

Classes: "A-day"--U.S. History, CP Physics (I guess that's like "AP"), Spanish 1, English (American Literature....yay, hopefully no "crappy" novels this year!) "B-day"--Seminary, Speech (as in Speech and's a required course here), Economics, Concert Choir (bummer because he had made Chamber Singers at CHS in Flagstaff!)
Emily (9th grade at Nampa High School)
Classes: "A-DAY"--US History, Physical Science, English, Seminary
"B-DAY"--Orchestra 1 (she has to take a shuttle to another High School for this class....weird!), Algebra, Desktop publishing, Concert Choir (Yes, she and Dean will be in the same class!)

Amy (6th Grade at Lone Star Middle School)

Classes: Beginning Orchestra, Social Studies, Advisory (basically a junk class), Language Arts/Writing, Math 6, Science, Language Arts/Reading

Amy wants to join Cross Country this year, but I told her she should probably try out the running club first (it meets 2 times a week) to see if she likes running so much (besides, it's pretty hot here....97 degrees right now at 7pm.....and running in the heat might kill her! At least the schools have air conditioning!)

Amy's School (not a good picture...this school is actually very huge!). It's almost brand new...only a couple of years old.

Nathan (1st Grade at Willow Creek Elementary/Teacher: Mrs. Finch)

Yes, the poor child needs a haircut....hopefully tonight!!!!

We decided to go ahead and have him move on to 1st grade instead of repeating Kindergarten, due to different circumstances and learning time lines here. We have an evaluation meeting to go over his IEP, etc. on Wednesday.

Mrs. Finch said that Nathan did SO WELL in school today! He had a staff member following him around today to gauge how much help he needs from a Paraprofessional Aid, but he didn't really need much help (don't know if that will continue to be the case, but it would be nice if he could function independently as much as possible!)

Nathan's School!

Sarah (Grade: 0/teacher: Mom). She wants to go to school SOOOOOOOO badly!!!!

Amy's glad she doesn't have to go to Sinagua this year!

Dean and Emily are sad to not be at Coconino, but they like Nampa High. It is set up more like a community college campus...separate buildings for different subjects instead of everything being indoors with hallways (kinda like schools in the Phoenix area).

I think that Nathan's just excited to have a new lunchbox and Cars 2 shoes!


The Browns said...

Cute!! I'm glad They're all doing well! Poor Sarah! you'd think she'd just be happy to have Mom to herself! =] Are you going to "pre-school" her yourself? notimeforflashcards has some fun things to do if you're interested.

Carolyn Smith said...

What an exciting day. Everyone looks wonderful. I am glad the day went well for everyone...well, I guess except Sarah. Her day will come and then she will wish she could stay home...the grass is always greener... Thanks for the pictures I REALLY appreciate it...

Anonymous said...

Yay Nathan! I love that he is doing so great! Keep up the good work and hug him for us. :)
Kasie Hamman

Amy Brinkerhoff said...

I wan't to do Cross Country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!