Poor, neglected blog..........

I realized it's been about three months since I posted anything (sorry mom!).  I can't promise that will change TOO much in the next little while, since we're moving to a different house, but I will try.  For now, here's some pictures of a little day trip (couple of hours trip, more like) we took with one of Chanon's co-workers (Barb) and her husband (Lewis/Louis...not sure how he spells it) on Memorial Day.......

 This is a little outdoor "museum" of sorts with a walking path.  Lots of interesting things to see.  The property was the home of "Pappy" (that's what he went by...don't remember his first name) and Cleo Swayne.  The place is a little eccentric, but the kids liked it and we had a good time.
 All along the path there are signs with various sayings:
There is even a replica of the empty Garden Tomb 

Pride, Gluttony, and Greed!

~Chillin' with Abe~

.....Mark Twain

Even Benjamin Franklin!!!!!


No one wanted to get their picture taken with Shakespeare.......huh.

Hansel and Gretel.....

It's a good thing I came along or we would've lost Dean and Amy to the witch!!!!

Sarah made friends with Thumbelina

(Ain't it the truth!!)

Snow White and the Seven Dorks


Look.....it's Kevin!!!!!

(I bet you didn't know that peacocks can fly.  We didn't either!!!)

Ringing the bell

Barb, Lewis/Louis, and Chanon:

More to come later!!!!!


A113-Dean said…
It wasn't Columbus, it was William Shakespeare
Rebecca said…
But, wasn't there a Columbus also?!!
Carolyn Smith said…
What a fun place. I just want you to know that I almost fell over DEAD when I saw that there was somethink new on your blog...lol. The pictures are wonderful and the kids look a lot older than the last time I saw them. Not that long ago either. Thanks Becky, it means a lot to me. Good luck on your move. When will it be? Be sure and let me know the new address...
A113-Dean said…
More to come VERY later... :)
Rebecca said…
Yah, pretty much!
Emily said…
Hey Kevin! Get off of his "woof"!

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