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Poor, neglected blog..........

I realized it's been about three months since I posted anything (sorry mom!).  I can't promise that will change TOO much in the next little while, since we're moving to a different house, but I will try.  For now, here's some pictures of a little day trip (couple of hours trip, more like) we took with one of Chanon's co-workers (Barb) and her husband (Lewis/Louis...not sure how he spells it) on Memorial Day.......

 This is a little outdoor "museum" of sorts with a walking path.  Lots of interesting things to see.  The property was the home of "Pappy" (that's what he went by...don't remember his first name) and Cleo Swayne.  The place is a little eccentric, but the kids liked it and we had a good time.
 All along the path there are signs with various sayings: There is even a replica of the empty Garden Tomb 

Pride, Gluttony, and Greed!

~Chillin' with Abe~

.....Mark Twain
Even Benjamin Franklin!!!!!

No one wanted to get their…