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Hi Mom! Our week was great! We did service at the Salvation Army and had a lot of good potential investigators found. The word is that the new Yakima mission President (President Lewis) will be living here in 2nd ward. We also had super fun exchanges on Thursday with my DL and his companion and we even had "B" volunteer to come out on visits with us a week ago (1 day after his confirmation!!!).  He is so cool and is so happy with the gospel in his life. The Temple was an awesome spiritual experience as always. We're continuing to work with "R" and "A" on getting married so they can be baptized and we have had so much success lately with many other non-members and less actives! It is super cool! Missions are the best! We are even helping "I" (the 9 year old) to be baptized this Saturday!!!
Things are great!! 
That's why transfer news was bittersweet.
This is what we found out on Saturday night:
1.Elder P and I are BOTH being taken out of…

An Amazing Story!

This story is from the blog of Ron and Nina Jones, who are serving a mission at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii. Walking Among Giants - Sery Kone from the Ivory Coast The more we are here at BYU-Hawaii and the Polynesian Cultural Center, the more we recognize that we are walking among giants.  We are getting to know more and more students, many of whom sacrificed everything to be here. We think we know sacrifice. Elder Jones and I carry on about giving up our home and our possessions in order to serve the Lord. We worry over being separated from families for a period or lament the loss of a steady income.  We talk about aching bones and mental exhaustion after a long day at the PCC. These may well be considered a sacrifice.  But they are nothing compared to our students.  Our students would give all that they have to take on those blessings that we foolishly call challenges.

Let me tell you abou…

It's been a crazy week!

Hi! Yes! We had "B's" baptism! Other than going to the temple, this p-day has been less than ideal because the zone leaders, Elder Plehn and I rode in a van with the Sisters (and a member in their ward who drove us) and the sisters wanted to make stops everywhere in Kennewick.... gahhh! We now have no time to e-mail which is really frustrating because I have so much to write about! We had "B's" baptism, Elder P and I got attacked by a huge dog in downtown Yakima (but we're okay!! Only he got bit and he's all taken care of!) I got sick during his recovery (stomach crud) and we went to the temple today, and a bunch of CRAZY stuff happened this week, so I look forward to your package and I can't wait until next week to write more! Gotta write Prez real fast and go!! SOOO SORRY! I LOVE YOU AND CAN'T WAIT TILL NEXT WEEK! Oh! Transfer calls are coming up, too-- so we'll see what happens!!!!

Elder B.
 "Because He Lives" http://www…
From a member in Elder B.'s area:

"Your son, the budding Chef" A lady in our ward taught us how to make this amazing stirfry!

This has been a great week!

Dear Mom
This has been a great week! "B" is finally back on date and he will be baptized this Saturday the 14th! Elder Plehn and I are very excited for him. He has made a lot of progress and has overcome a lot of challenges in his life. He had to give up alcohol and now feels so good that he has. His testimony is so strong and he's already doing missionary work as a non member. "A" is very converted and began taking the lessons before "R" did. Now that she loves it and "R" has seen how much it means to her, he is taking the lessons! We are very excited! The only thing holding them back is that they need to be legally married and they do not have state ID. It was stolen in Oregon so they are looking for ways to re-gain identification. We found 2 new investigators this week named "B" and "H". They seem very interested in learning more! We are going to put them on date for baptism as soon as we can meet with them again!  We…

Today is the 1/3 mark on my mission

Hello All!

Today is the 1/3 mark on my mission here in the Washington Kennewick mission. I am currently serving in my second area (Yakima) with my fourth companion Elder Plehn. He is 18 years old and straight out of high school. Brings a good spirit into lessons and overall is a great Elder!  This week has been great! We had a hastening the Work fireside last Sunday in Selah. It was great to help the members there feel the spirit of missionary work. I loved it when President Ware said that no effort is wasted when you choose to extend even the smallest act of love. I can definitely bear testimony of that. We are trying to do all in our power to help those we meet find joy as we serve our fellow brothers and sisters here in our area.  We enjoyed Zone conference on Tuesday and got teased with i-pads and a new pass along card for the new Easter video that should both be coming in the near future! We have seen so many blessings and miracles as we've shown forth our faith and we've…