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Idaho Falls Temple Open House

Hi everyone!  I'm a dork and forgot my camera cord AGAIN. But, I can still tell you about my week since you've been asking!

Working at the temple open house is crazy, long and sometimes weird but oh my sooo fun!

Every day is different.  Our Sister Training Leader now drives a big white van which holds the sisters in the zone and the sisters from Sugar City.  We all try hard to drive each other crazy for about a half hour or so until we get to Idaho Falls.  We then work at the open house from the afternoon till evening and sleep in apartments in Idaho Falls for the night.  When we wake up we get ready for our devotional at 7:30 and go back to work at 8. We pretty much have only a few proselyting hours after that back in Rexburg.  
The Sister Missionaries in the Idaho Falls mission and the Pocatello mission get to help out a lot. First, there's the video room that explains what temples are and why they are so special.  We have a recitation with instructions for the tourists …

April 17th, 2017

Hi Mom!  

I love you!  Just so you know, I just sent some packages home with things I can't carry anymore (and also things siblings can have). Ask me about them next time. :)  I'm also going to send a package with my winter gear (except for my coats), just so transfers will be easier.

We started doing vip tours last Friday and I'm going again tomorrow. Yesterday the sisters in this mission and the Pocatello mission had a personal tour with Elder Wilson of the Seventy. The work they've done on the temple is so beautiful! You should look it up!  Everything is themed in white and green colors, and there are murals everywhere (which was there before, but they did some touch up).  Everyone's been asking us if the cafeteria is still going to be there (I've heard it was great back in the day, especially their pie) and it is. When we came on Friday they didn't have everything fully set up, so we stood around wondering what to do.  We ended up showing the other sister…
(Sister Chandler's mom sent me some Easter goodies!!!!)

Good morning!!

I'll just get this out of the way first...odisfgnlagnael;gnaejrgnadro;vnaerk.gnaeklruljvg Whoo whoo!! I hope Kortney will have a blast in July!  When did she get her mission call?  Ha ha I'd probably be a nervous wreck as well!!  I'd probably die in the heat, different culture, and don't get me started on speaking spanish!!! ok ok I know Heavenly Father would help me either way, but seriously though!!  But I'm so excited for her!  She looks so happy!
Sounds like you had a crazy weekend, but a fun one!  How did the concert go in Mesa? No worries, I have trouble paying attention to conference.  But I actually had a weird weekend because this is the most I've ever gotten out of general conference in my life.  I received great guidance from the last in October, but this one was just special for some reason.  Maybe it's because I've been out this long and really needed some spiritual a…