Friday, July 22, 2011

These are a few of his favorite things!

Making messes (not limited to packing peanuts)! Dinosaurs, his "Cars 2 cup", and running around in his underwear (even outside!)
He loves going to "the playground" near our house to play and make friends, but no pictures of that yet...sorry!

This is what I get...

...when I spend too much time on the computer and leave my two little monkeys to their own devices:

A Big Fat (not just "big", a BIG "FAT") mess!

Delightful, newly inked designs on the couches:

Not to mention ripped books. Yay!

Thankyou, Nathan and Sarah (mostly Sarah)!!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!!!

I think we are in a time warp...9:00 feels like 6:00, etc. I am constantly shocked when I look at the clock and it is 2 or 3 hours later than I think it is. This is the view out my bedroom 9:00 pm!!! Yes, we are on daylight savings time in Idaho, but it doesn't get dark until 10:00! When we left Arizona it was getting dark at 8:00 and there's only one hour difference between here and there because Arizona is NOT on DST. All the sunshine is great...except for the fact that we (more specifically--NATHAN and SARAH) are used to about an hour or two of darkness before turning in for the night. That now equates to almost midnight, and they will not be dissuaded (did I spell that right?)....YAWN!!!!! It was a beautiful day today. We've been jealous because our former town in AZ has been doing the monsoon thing with cooler temps (70's) and all. We've been in the 90's here (and if you'll remember from a previous post, we have not been using the AC!!!!!), but today the highest temperature was 82, we got a little rain this afternoon, my allergies weren't TOO horrible, and right now it's a nice, breezy 73! To top it off, Sarah just put her arms around me and told me I'm a cute girl. It doesn't get much better than that.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Slathering the toilet seat lid with soap is fun to do, fun to do, to do to do!

Princess Sarah's new favorite activity has stinging consequences...... Messy ones, too!

Soft soap and kids shampoo makes for some slippery fun!!! You can't see it because the toilet seat is white, but believe me, it's there (and all over the front of her dress as well. We've already mentioned her skin above)!!! Can anyone say, "bathtime?"


Here we are at the top of the stairs looking down. To the right is the family room. To the left is the master bedroom. Stairs are on the far right, far left is the boy's room, and in the center is the shortest hallway in the world which leads to the master bedroom.

You can barely see the master bedroom door...

Roomy Master Bedroom! Our king-size bed swallowed up our Arizona bedroom, but there is tons of room to spare here! Right by the ficus tree on the right is the door to the bathroom.

Two closets...and I got the walk-in one! Most guys don't care about that sort of thing! Door to the left of the clock is the bedroom door. Door to the right of the clock is my closet.

Closet is bigger than it looks, but it is not huge. Don't like my squished clothes, but there are worse things in life I suppose.

So, I really like the fact that the vanity is seperate from the toilet/tub (you can see the door to the toilet/tub room in the mirror)

Why there is a wall here is beyond me!!!!

Stairs to the right, Boy's room (blue bed), kid's bathroom, and laundry room to the left of the clock. more laundry closet in the hallway! The laundry room isn't very big, but at least it is an actual room with a door!!!!!

Girl's room...oops, I did the pictures backwards (should've started with the doorway...the doorway is to the right of the closet).

Kid's bathroom

Girl's room to the right, stairs to the left, family room in the center.


Here is our front door and entry. The door you see to the right is the coat closet, and there is a half bathroom right next to it, as well as the stairs.

Bathroom is bigger than it actually feels fairly roomy for just being a "one-half" bathroom!!!

And here we have the Living room... I tried to take these pictures so that it's easy to tell where things are in relation to the rest of the house.

Don't you love my crooked pictures?

I hope I can tolerate white walls and no window treatments for the next year (or more)!!!!


Here you can see the kitchen from the living room (yes, that is Harry Potter music on the kids said I was only allowed to play Harry Potter this last week). New kitchen, with a pantry!!! Don't you love that "eyesore" black fridge? We miss all our new appliances from our Arizona house. )o:

So, we didn't bring our Dining table and chairs to Idaho and moving cost us more than we anticipated, so we are using my craft table and folding chairs. Hey, it's better than sitting on the floor!!! If I don't keep the crumbs swept/vacuumed, sugar ants pay us a visit (Nathan and Sarah call them "bad ants").

Hey, look mom--vertical blinds (your favorite)!!!! The blinds are hiding the sliding glass door to the backyard.

This is the pantry...pantries, closets, bathrooms and small bedrooms are hard to take pictures of. The pantry is bigger than it looks!!!!

Old house, New house

My sis has requested pictures of our new house in Idaho so here they are! I will probably do seperate posts because I'm still new at this blogging stuff and the "new post" tools don't seem to be very user friendly...I haven't figured everything out yet. The pictures load weird and I haven't figured out how to move them around. Also, you have to do things backwards...for example, I should've done this post last so that it would appear on the blog FIRST!
I'm from that "in-between" computer era when computers were around and we had them in High School and at College, but we weren't required to use them all the time (and, of course, there was no internet!!!). I'm pretty good at figuring things out, but there is certainly a lot I DON'T know and I'm continually learning. I'm not quite as tech-savvy as my kids are!

Old house in Arizona that hopefully will sell soon so that we aren't ruined financially... New house in Idaho:
We are renting this house (because Arizona house hasn't sold) for only $825/month! If this house were in our former town, it would rent for a lot more (you are lucky if you can rent a two-bedroom apartment there for $825!!) It's not huge, but it's about 200 sq ft larger than what we had in AZ and it has several things we wished we had before, like...........a garage! A big backyard! Master bedroom (meaning a private bathroom attached)! More than 1 1/2 bathrooms! High speed internet!

The only things we don't like? 1) no storage (not even a linen closet...who ever heard of a house without a linen closet for pete's sake?), 2) we have Ant and Earwig invaders (not to mention wasps nesting in the bottom of our storm door) and the Property management company has not responded to my request for extermination! 3) We finally have AC but we're too poor to use it (double house and utility payments)! 4) Only 3 bedrooms

Picture of our new street (it is "L" shaped). Dean said it reminds him of Privet Drive (HP).