Saturday, July 16, 2011

After the show was over...

......One last duel between Harry and Voldemort!

Emily, Amy and the twins (Dean, and Harry...a.k.a: Master of Death!)

Ron Weasly (Horcrux killer)!

Neville Longbottom (snake slayer)!!!!

We just had to get pictures with all the movie heroes, of course (I guess we were tired and feeling a little silly as well as WAS nearly 3am after all!!!!!). Hermoine and the others must've already left the building with Elvis.

One thing I should explain is that all his life (since 1st grade) LOTS of people have told Dean that he looks like Harry memorable time was while walking home from school on Halloween last year. Dean was dressed up as Harry, and some girls yelled out their car window, "We love you Harry!" Later in the school year (while dressed as himself) Dean was walking in a crosswalk and the driver of a vehicle he passed said, "Oh my gosh...that kid looks like Harry Potter!"

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