Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter 7 at last !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome Potter 3D glasses!

Harry...oops, I mean "Dean", Emily and Amy waiting in line to be seated

We should've requested tickets for theatre #7!!!!! The ticket taker was a little overzealous...we didn't see the 2:01 showing, the "1" got ripped off.

Seen HP 7 part 2 yet? It's the last movie, so of course we had to see the first showing at MIDNIGHT!!!! As a birthday present to myself, I took Dean, Emily and Amy (Chanon had to work the next morning and hey, SOMEONE had to stay home with the little kids! It wasn't going to be me. Especially since this was my birthday present to me! I'll take Chanon later...that means I'll get to go AGAIN!). Anyway...we saw it in 3D which was pretty cool. There weren't too many impressive 3D effects though, so I think that seeing it in 2D would've been just as fun. It was very exciting, but sad too...after all, this is the last movie and we are huge fans!!!!


Carolyn Smith said...

Looks good...I thought you might all dress up!!!

Kristin said...

I love your blog! Glad to see that you are all settling in! Your house is huge - you could never rent that in Flag for any kind of reasonable price. I will pray that your Flagstaff house sells soon.