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December 19th

Hi Mom!! 

I've been loving the 12 days of Christmas presents, and so is Sister Chandler.  I especially loved the cds and the ornaments, but I wasn't around to open them at the time.  Long story, ya ready? So last week we went on exchanges.  Sister Settle went to my area with Sister Chandler for the day while I went to the BYUI area with Sister Ganbold.  She's from Mongolia and is still studying English a little, but she's really great and learning a lot!  We got a little lost trying to find dinner, had two great lessons while the spirit was strong, did some language study and called it a day.  We were expecting to exchange back the next day at two, but during companion study we got a text from our mission president saying we weren't allowed to drive but could ask for a ride if it was important.  We looked outside and it there was a massive snowstorm!    Sister Cottrel and Sister Eas (Sister Settle's comp.) got a ride from their place and then walked to ours.  T…