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We Gave Thanks (a day early)

At Micron, machines run round the clock--holiday or no holiday!!!  Today is Thanksgiving, and one of Chanon's regularly scheduled working days so we celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday instead.  Today we have left-overs.  YUM!

Micron does feed their "work-on-Thanksgiving-Day-employees" a turkey meal, but it's just not like home cookin'.  Also, hanging out with your co-workers is just NOT the same as being home with family!
This year I had help making dinner.  Emily chose to learn how to make Thanksgiving dinner for one of her Personal Progress projects.  Here she is taking notes while I explain "the process".  Here's Emily opening a can of pumpkin.  We made rolls and pumpkin pie the night before the feast.  Spooning pie filling into pie shells:
 The big day!  We cleaned up the kitchen and pulled out all the food we needed:  Here's our turkey in the roaster.  If you do NOT have one of these, may I strongly suggest that you GET ONE!!!!!  They are fabulous…

The only constant in life is CHANGE

It's been snowing!  Our first "real" snow here.  Is is sticking?  A tiny bit, but not too much so far (that's Ok....I like it that way, and it's enough to bring on that "holiday feel".  Ahhhhh.....I can almost smell the Turkey and pumpkin pie now,  and then Christmas...........lights, trees, presents, goodies...........!!!!!).

ANYWAY, here's some pictures:    
Also, another GREAT change is that Daylight Savings time went away earlier this month (Yay!!!!!!.....I'll enjoy "real time" while it lasts) and now the kids don't have to go to school in the dark.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~      Last night Emily and I went to a friend's house and made hair flowers.  It's been a while since I've made any and it was kind of fun!  I'm too old for hair flowers (I would feel silly wearing one) so I will use mine on a scarf.  Recently, I learned how to make 3 different types of T…

Trick or Treat!

(What an original title, I know!)

Welcome, foolish mortals! It was a scary, haunted night in our neighborhood!  Happy haunts materialized, pumpkins screamed in the dead of night, people died of fright!
  Here we have Rapunzel, Looney Luna Lovegood (complete with official Luna wand), Buzz Lightyear (sans wings), and Princess Sarah (which is kind of redundant to say, since "Sarah" means "Princess"!). And here is the official candy passer-outer (don't worry, he didn't "faint", he just gave candy to little kids):
Dean was also the home protector since Dad wasn't home from work yet.  Here you can see that he just turned "Jason" away.  Whew, that was close.  Great job, Dean! Starting out on the path to candy, candy, CANDY!!!!   The first door.....
We came upon this cute little scene....ghosts doing the happy dance 'round a tree.  Isn't that special? We went trick or treating with Dracula and a stray cat~ We even had a run-in with the WW1 fl…