Thursday, November 24, 2011

We Gave Thanks (a day early)

At Micron, machines run round the clock--holiday or no holiday!!!  Today is Thanksgiving, and one of Chanon's regularly scheduled working days so we celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday instead.  Today we have left-overs.  YUM!

Micron does feed their "work-on-Thanksgiving-Day-employees" a turkey meal, but it's just not like home cookin'.  Also, hanging out with your co-workers is just NOT the same as being home with family!

This year I had help making dinner.  Emily chose to learn how to make Thanksgiving dinner for one of her Personal Progress projects.  Here she is taking notes while I explain "the process".
 Here's Emily opening a can of pumpkin.  We made rolls and pumpkin pie the night before the feast.
 Spooning pie filling into pie shells:

 The big day!  We cleaned up the kitchen and pulled out all the food we needed:
 Here's our turkey in the roaster.  If you do NOT have one of these, may I strongly suggest that you GET ONE!!!!!  They are fabulous!!!!!  (Might I add that using one means you won't have to clean turkey juice drippings out of your oven!!!).  We had a small turkey this year (14 pounds....which was plenty big for us) and the roaster cooked it in only 3 hours approximately!  Using a roaster made the whole process so much easier.
 We moved over the summer, and I never checked my china to see if it survived (I was afraid to).  After inspecting it a couple of days ago for Thanksgiving dinner use, I found that the only casualty was one dessert plate.  Not too shabby considering I have service for 12 and everything else was in perfect order!!!!!
 In addition to learning about planning for and making Thanksgiving dinner, Emily learned how to set the table properly.  Here she is putting on the table cloth:
 (You can tell where Nathan and Sarah sat because they did NOT get china plates!!!)  The only thing I could NOT remember was the proper place for the napkins....under the forks, or under the knife/spoon?  We went with the knife/spoon.  Were we correct, mom?
 Here's Emily making the gravy.  Pretty much everything else was ready at this point.  Making the gravy is pretty much the worst, most tedious job EVER!!!
 Ready to serve!
 Here's a close up of one of the bottles....just so there's no question about what we were drinking! he he
 Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
 Bon Apetit!!!!

 Nathan ate a little bit and then headed for the computer.
HAPPY TURKEY DAY (gobble, gobble)!!!!
(Nathan....6 yrs old/1st grade)


The Browns said...

CUTE! Happy Thanksgiving!! I love Nathan's Turkey! And WOW Emily's hair is LOOOOONG! =] Good Job Em on helping with Dinner! I'll bet it was delish! =]

Carolyn Smith said...

Great job Emily, It is good to learn how to do Thanksgiving dinner early. YOu never know when you might have to go it. I first did it by myself in college for my brother a friend and myself. And just so you know, the napkins go under the forks. Next time you will remember. I am glad you had a good Thanksgiving. We did too. It was wonderful talking to you on the phone tonight!!!