Monday, September 28, 2015

Hi Mom! 

We watched the tail end of Elder Scott's funeral when they were taking his casket out. Technically I guess I could watch it now but my time is limited. So crazy that we will have three new apostles called! We are so excited for conference! This week was great with Zone conference and with "a couple-three" baptisms!! Sister's Wilson and Skousen had "L's" baptism on Saturday night. Her cousin "S" from our ward was baptized as well that night. He just turned 8 so we didn't teach him but we had fun coordinating the night with the Sisters. We did the "half-time show" while they were drying off and dressing. We showed 'Because of Him' and bore testimony of the restoration. It was packed in there and Elder Bawden was pretty nervous but he did great! haha! That same day we went to the baptism of a little girl the zone leaders have been teaching. I got to interview her on Wednesday because their DL was busy that night. She was a funny little kid haha

How did you find out that Sister Skousen was in the mission and that you went to church and school with her Dad? It's pretty funny haha! She and Sister Wilson actually knew each other before the mission! They met at EFY a few years ago down in the valley. My district is half and half Utah and Arizona with one from Michigan! haha Crazy stuff! No coincidences in the church!

Haven't got your package or letters yet. What day did you send them? It usually takes a week once the letters arrive at the mission office I think. I can't remember anything else from this week but good things are happening! We are developing our teaching skills slowly and surely. Our ward is helping us reach the new goal Elder Packer set for us of 20 lessons a week. 

Well, I can't remember anything else! I am so bad at keeping track of anything anymore. The days run together so fast. I can't wait to be able to feel like I have a grasp on everything again but I cherish this time I am on my mission. The Lord is literally carrying me through everything I have to do. It's so neat. I love this gospel. Hope you have a great week! I love you so much! 

Love Elder B

PS Wenatchee is GORGEOUS!!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Monday, September 21, 2015

Hey Mom! 

Glad you got my letter! I don't know how I write that much haha It always ends up super long! Did you get a picture from Sister "H"?

(Yes, I did!  Here are the pictures from Sister "H"):

 She should have sent it to you this week. Hope you all get feeling better! My normal seasonal allergies have been plaguing me but I'm feeling much better.

We had District Council this week! I talked about the importance of church attendance and helping our investigators commit to keeping the Sabbath day holy. There has been a lot of emphasis from the Brethren and our mission leadership on that topic. Keeping the Sabbath day a consecrated and sacred day is so important for us as individuals and families and as a community in general with the world becoming so wicked and disobedient. We feel that this will help our investigators so much!

We had fun exchanges this week! I went to the ZL's area and Elder Bawden took over Rocky reach for the 1st time. I got to be with Elder Rosenkrantz which was super fun because we came out together! We want to be companions so bad!! I told him that he'd have to get released before I'd ever be his companion though! haha He said okay as long as I stay DL and he goes junior companion haha! The ZL's cover part of Wenatchee and also a place called Leavenworth. it's a little German style town and it's really neat! I've heard a lot about it over the course of my mission and I got to visit it for the first time! Whoo Hoo! It's neat but not too exciting unfortunately. It's like a normal small town but everything is decked out bavarian style! haha Even the Safeway, McDonalds and Gas stations. It's funny! :D 

Pictures of Leavenworth:

The church building in Leavenworth:

I just found out that a missionary who served here previously (Elder Cordon) is now in Rancho reata and Willowbrook wards in Kennewick. Sister Ludeman is in contact with him and has started giving me updates! Apparently "E.P." and "M.G." were both baptized!!!! I am so happy to find that out! It's amazing! I'm so glad she is able to keep me in touch with my old area! Also! "S" is back on date! (The guy Elder Bawden and I were teaching but had to hand off because he didn't live in our area). He is on date for October 17th.

Well, I can't wait to hear back from you and how everything is going! Time is going Waaaaay too fast... 

I love you!! Hope to hear from you soon!! Love Elder B

My corner of the "Vineyard":

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The post below is taken from Sister Lewis's blog.  She is the wonderful wife of the Mission President.  I am so grateful that she keeps us parents "in the loop"!!!

Doctrine of Christ Training in Quincy, WA

Doctrine of Christ Training in Quincy 15 Sept 2015

2015-9-15 Training 1.1 Quincy  (3)

This morning we drove north to Quincy for a training with the group who arrived 6 weeks ago.   That means they are half way through their 12 week training program with their trainers.  When we arrived we learned that the Quincy church building was full of workers who had pulled up all the carpet throughout the building!  There wasn’t a single room we could meet in, so we set up outside on this cool and crisp fall morning.  It was Wonderful to see everyone again.

2015-9-15 Training 1.1 Quincy  (4)
2015-9-15 Training 1.1 Quincy  (8)2015-9-15 Training 1.1 Quincy  (10)2015-9-15 Training 1.1 Quincy  (12)2015-9-15 Training 1.1 Quincy  (14)2015-9-15 Training 1.1 Quincy  (25)

President left his suit coat at home.  It was cold this morning.  Luckily he found something to wrap up in.

2015-9-15 Training 1.1 Quincy  (26)
2015-9-15 Training 1 Quincy (3)

Elder Smith teaching a masterful discourse on the doctrine of repentance:

2015-9-15 Training 1 Quincy (7)

Elder Archibald teaching about faith that leads to action:

2015-9-15 Training 1 Quincy (10)

Role plays help us think through better ways to teach principles like how to invite someone to pray for their first time.

2015-9-15 Training 1 Quincy (18)2015-9-15 Training 1 Quincy (23)2015-9-15 Training 1 Quincy (29)2015-9-15 Training 1 Quincy (31)

We love these missionaries.  There are no finer young men anywhere in the world!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Hey Mom!
Doing great, and had a great week! The new Sister IS Sister Skousen! She's pretty awesome! I got to meet her when the new missionaries arrived and she told me her dad graduated from Coconino. How crazy is that? She is from Prescott. Our new Zone is pretty awesome too!! We have Elder Holden and Elder Olsen living with us and it's been crazy but fun having roommates. Nope I haven't finished the letter yet.. It's getting there! haha I promise it will be done and on it's way TODAY! You wouldn't believe how crazy this week was haha! SO great though! I'm loving it!

Oh! Do you know how to get that primary song about Gethsemane? It's newer and I love it! I heard it for the first time in Yakima. Have you heard that one? It's so good!

This week we had several neat experiences! One of which was, we felt that we should do some tracting on Stoneridge street at 8 at night. We knocked on this one door. There was a pause as we waited for someone to come answer. After a few minutes a lady holding a laptop computer answered the door. She said "Hey guys! Did you even ring the doorbell or knock?" We told her that we did. She said she just felt like someone was here so she came to check the front door. We introduced ourselves and began a door approach but she let us know that her name was "D" and that she was actually a member! She had been inactive for several years and was actually contemplating returning to church that very day before we showed up! She told us that she has been struggling and that she really felt that returning to church would be the thing to help her and her unbaptized 12 year old son. We told her when church was that that she was more that welcome to attend! She ended up coming and LOVED it. She wants us to teach her family and we are super excited! We are seeing so many miracles and it is great! 

I love you! Hope you have a great week! Love Elder B

P-day last week:

Transfers last week. 
The three in front of me fell over just as the picture took:

Our new, manly, flannel service shirts:


 Rocky Reach Dam

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Had a pretty fun week! We helped the Mission Ridge sisters do some service for an old lady at her house. We repainted her basketball court because she is selling the house and is touching everything up! We had tons of fun! Sister Mullins and Elder Bawden are both from West Valley Utah and they've got some mad spray painting skills straight from the hood! lol

I held a couple snakes yesterday! This is a tiny corn snake! 
 I also held a Bull Python! 

Elder Bawden's 1st transfer calls! He was so nervous but nothing happened to us and an M&M McFlurry helped too! :)

Here is our District (for now!). 
 Sister Marcom is being transferred. Her companion just finished her own training and she is receiving a greenie! They covered 2 wards together last transfer but now 2 elders are going to be doubled in to one of them, creating a new proselyting area for our zone! Elder Holden and a greenie will be in my district! I won't be a relief society president anymore! haha Those elders will also be living with us. Sisters Mullins and Ring stayed. Those are the most important changes. Not too many! :)

This week I conducted "L's" baptismal interview! 
She is a 9 year old in the Eastmont ward (Sisters Marcom and Wilson) She will be baptized 
on the 26th of September.

We met (former Elder) John B Dickson. He used to be in the 1st quorum of the seventy and he is our Bishop's father in law! Pretty cool! Met him at Bishops house after we stopped by to talk some ward business. We ended up having scripture study with their family. Pretty fun!

One man we talked to this week definitely wasn't happenstance. His name is "J" and he lives in Entiat. We really felt led to his door. We were tracting up there on Saturday. There were a couple of houses that were up on a hill next to each other with VERY long driveways up to them. We went up to the first and talked to the people. We felt prompted to skip it and come back to it. When we finished tracting the street we came back to it and gave it a shot! We walked up the long driveway and talked to "J" as he was sitting outside his front door. He greeted us warmly and talked to us for a few minutes. He was drinking and smoking. He expressed that he wanted to change his life and wondered if we could help him. He asked us where and when church was for us and wondered if he could come! He didn't end up coming but he was a very kind and humble man and he expressed that our presence there was a sign to him that he needed to change. We shared the Restoration briefly with him and testified that the gospel can help him. We could tell that he could feel the spirit. We are going back to see him very soon!

I love you! Have a great week! Expect a letter soon! -Elder B