Monday, September 28, 2015

Hi Mom! 

We watched the tail end of Elder Scott's funeral when they were taking his casket out. Technically I guess I could watch it now but my time is limited. So crazy that we will have three new apostles called! We are so excited for conference! This week was great with Zone conference and with "a couple-three" baptisms!! Sister's Wilson and Skousen had "L's" baptism on Saturday night. Her cousin "S" from our ward was baptized as well that night. He just turned 8 so we didn't teach him but we had fun coordinating the night with the Sisters. We did the "half-time show" while they were drying off and dressing. We showed 'Because of Him' and bore testimony of the restoration. It was packed in there and Elder Bawden was pretty nervous but he did great! haha! That same day we went to the baptism of a little girl the zone leaders have been teaching. I got to interview her on Wednesday because their DL was busy that night. She was a funny little kid haha

How did you find out that Sister Skousen was in the mission and that you went to church and school with her Dad? It's pretty funny haha! She and Sister Wilson actually knew each other before the mission! They met at EFY a few years ago down in the valley. My district is half and half Utah and Arizona with one from Michigan! haha Crazy stuff! No coincidences in the church!

Haven't got your package or letters yet. What day did you send them? It usually takes a week once the letters arrive at the mission office I think. I can't remember anything else from this week but good things are happening! We are developing our teaching skills slowly and surely. Our ward is helping us reach the new goal Elder Packer set for us of 20 lessons a week. 

Well, I can't remember anything else! I am so bad at keeping track of anything anymore. The days run together so fast. I can't wait to be able to feel like I have a grasp on everything again but I cherish this time I am on my mission. The Lord is literally carrying me through everything I have to do. It's so neat. I love this gospel. Hope you have a great week! I love you so much! 

Love Elder B

PS Wenatchee is GORGEOUS!!

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