Monday, September 21, 2015

Hey Mom! 

Glad you got my letter! I don't know how I write that much haha It always ends up super long! Did you get a picture from Sister "H"?

(Yes, I did!  Here are the pictures from Sister "H"):

 She should have sent it to you this week. Hope you all get feeling better! My normal seasonal allergies have been plaguing me but I'm feeling much better.

We had District Council this week! I talked about the importance of church attendance and helping our investigators commit to keeping the Sabbath day holy. There has been a lot of emphasis from the Brethren and our mission leadership on that topic. Keeping the Sabbath day a consecrated and sacred day is so important for us as individuals and families and as a community in general with the world becoming so wicked and disobedient. We feel that this will help our investigators so much!

We had fun exchanges this week! I went to the ZL's area and Elder Bawden took over Rocky reach for the 1st time. I got to be with Elder Rosenkrantz which was super fun because we came out together! We want to be companions so bad!! I told him that he'd have to get released before I'd ever be his companion though! haha He said okay as long as I stay DL and he goes junior companion haha! The ZL's cover part of Wenatchee and also a place called Leavenworth. it's a little German style town and it's really neat! I've heard a lot about it over the course of my mission and I got to visit it for the first time! Whoo Hoo! It's neat but not too exciting unfortunately. It's like a normal small town but everything is decked out bavarian style! haha Even the Safeway, McDonalds and Gas stations. It's funny! :D 

Pictures of Leavenworth:

The church building in Leavenworth:

I just found out that a missionary who served here previously (Elder Cordon) is now in Rancho reata and Willowbrook wards in Kennewick. Sister Ludeman is in contact with him and has started giving me updates! Apparently "E.P." and "M.G." were both baptized!!!! I am so happy to find that out! It's amazing! I'm so glad she is able to keep me in touch with my old area! Also! "S" is back on date! (The guy Elder Bawden and I were teaching but had to hand off because he didn't live in our area). He is on date for October 17th.

Well, I can't wait to hear back from you and how everything is going! Time is going Waaaaay too fast... 

I love you!! Hope to hear from you soon!! Love Elder B

My corner of the "Vineyard":

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