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Hi Mom! Glad to hear everyone is well and no more sickness! Our baptism for "B" will happen this Saturday! We are meeting with him every day now to prepare him but he is so ready already. It's pretty cool to work with him and see him grow! He is so open and willing to change. He tells us every time we meet how much he is being blessed by living the gospel and we can tell he is a much better person. He knows this church is true and he has given up a lot to become a member. It will be Elder C's 1st baptism and my first confirmation! We are so excited!! 

The ward here is very small but covers a huge area. Which means we have a lot of work to do! Yak 2nd does an ok job at feeding us compared to Duportail but we're just fine :) We have lots of food places (Subway, Taco Bell, etc) and a Fred Meyer close in case we need something and then food at home to eat of course. We are doing fine :) 
That's a great idea to print out all our email correspondence and pictures a…


Hey Mom! Yeah, I've come to find that first impressions are not good. I am having a great time here now. I'm not sure how long I really want to stay here but we are doing well! Mostly all we do is tract and street contact. We don't have many investigators but we just started teaching a guy named "B" who is scheduled to be baptized on Jan 24th! We're pretty excited! I'll tell you more in a letter. Elder "C" and I get along really well. He and I are really similar. I look forward to your package! Grandma sent me a couple  hand warmers and I should be fine. At least for now. Winters here are cold but pretty dry. My gloves are great and very warm. That's pretty exciting to be able to go to the temple! I will probably go in about a couple months. Here's some pictures!! I have a lot to send... Love you! Letter will be better ;)
I think I'm adjusting thanks to this wonderful service! ;)
Here's me petting a horse!

Transferred to Yakima!

Hey Mom! 

Things are going well! Yakima is crazy but I am just fine :) I'm in the area that has the reputation of being the sketchiest place in the mission but.... despite that I am having a good time. I've already heard gunshots and seen lots of things I don't usually want to. The ward I'm in now is a huge area. We're the only area in this zone without a car. We get to cover it all on foot. LUCKY us! Half of the area is SUPER destitute and scary. We aren't allowed to go past a certain point past dark by order of President Ware. Not sure what to think of this place yet but I'm just along for the ride and I know this is where I need to be! I miss Duportail ward but I know I will try to visit someday. It feels like home there now haha My companion is Elder "C" from Queen Creek, AZ.

Glad you guys enjoyed everything in the package that I sent! And glad that you were able to get the jury duty thing figured out! (Elder B had received a jury summons for th…

December 2014 Letter excerpts

Dear Mom,

Thank you for getting me your new phone number so I'll be sure to have it on Christmas.  Of course, ya'll will probably be at grandma's, so I'll most likely call there if I need to but hopefully a skype will be possible!  I can call and confirm things "day of" if I need to, right? :o)  I'm not too worried if Sterling can get the set up going.  We may visit other families possibly, but we will probably be hanging out with the "H" family most of the day and we will be able to skype from there.

It is crazy that on Jan 2nd I will be 1/4th done with my mission!  Does it seem like I've been gone a long time?  It doesn't feel that long to me.  It feels like I've been out a month!  Then I realize that it is almost January now and it feels so weird.  What a time warp!  I can't believe it.  I'm speculating big changes soon.  It's not typical to be in an area longer than 6 months.  I may get moved soon!  Be sure to send e…

November pictures

Lots of Halloween Candy!
Elder J's candy:
Elder B. pointing out his mission on the big map (he was supposed to do this at the MTC, but didn't.  A ward member has this big map in their home, so he took advantage of the photo op he missed at the MTC! 
Birthday box (except, he opened it early....they were bored on Halloween!)
Sticky ball from Sarah!
I mustache you a question! --Mustache's from Nathan 
20 years old!

Elder J celebrating 2 years of mission life!
P-day hike on Badger Bump!

Church building
Last picture with Elder J before he went home
Box from home, and a box from the Lake Mary Ward YM/YW
Pet Monkey (that's a ROOT beer bottle!).  He sings "I Wanna Hold Your hand"

November 2014 letter excerpts

***Things have been busy and I kinda got behind.  Trying to play catch-up***
Dear Mom,
     I am officially done with 1/6th of my mission! ha ha.  Lots of things have happened/are happening to us, so I'm sorry if it's been a while since I sent a letter.  We are losing people to teach left and right for various reasons. (For Investigator Privacy reasons, I will leave out the details since this is a public blog).  We have various other less-active members we are working with, but we have 4 "official" investigators that we are super excited for!  I don't know if I've told you about the "B" family yet...we were looking for a part-member family at a particular address that was being rented to them by members of the church.  Turns out that they moved, though.  The Landlord was there cleaning and fixing the place (this was my first "official" day out here in Richland).  We were a little disappointed that they left, but later we were out walking …