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To my wonderful Mom! :) 

I'm glad the letters came ok!  I feel so late because I was sending Nathan and Sarah birthday letters (I've already given everybody cards beforehand :D).  How's school for them and Amy by the way?  Hopefully the cashier job is alright for Dean.  I'm also trying to send a letter to Grandma. She sends me a letter a week! I can't keep up with her! :D  
Transfers aren't for another two weeks at least.  They don't tell us who is going where or staying until the week beforehand, so I'm waiting to see what happens with that.
The Mission Tour was cool!  It was crazy to actually talk to Elders in the Quorum of the Seventy!  I'm not even sure where to start, but I wrote a LOT of notes! :)  Some insecurities mixed with overpowering feelings from the spirit made me tear up a little though.  In connection to what I learned during Zone Conference, we heard this story about Elder Costa:
Elder JoaquĆ­n E. Costa, General Authority Seventy, and…