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(Christmas Skype)

Dear Mom,

I'm glad I was able to see you guys, too! I was worried that the video on your end wouldn't be received on my end. While Bishop and his daughter were up there trying to fix it I was pretty worried but as soon as they left it worked, ha ha! We had fun at the Bishop's house on Christmas.
What exciting news to hear that the transfer schedule will be moved back a week! I'm glad that I will be able to spend another week in the WYM! I will now be coming home July 5th.
This week was interesting. We had a couple of great lessons with 'K' who is on date for January 9th in the YSA branch. He is an incredibly prepared young man. He is so ready for the gospel and for the blessings that come when we live the commandments. Christmas made things extremely difficult. Not many people were home or able to have us this week but we're hoping that this week is much better. We've really been working on helping our ward mission leader and ward counc…
Merry Christmas everyone! This week has been quite eventful serving in the Ahtanum Creek ward and the Yakima Valley YSA!

On Monday we invited "K" to be baptized. He has been coming to YSA activities for about a year now and finally is open to learning more about the church. He's got a religious background and really enjoys coming to our meetings. He is now on date to be baptized on January 9th 2016. That's the day we get our next transfer calls so I hope nothing comes up that makes it so it has to be pushed back... So far so good! 
The "N's" are struggling a little bit. We're still keeping up contact with them and we're hoping things calm down for them during the holidays!
On Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder Johnson. We contacted a referral that they got for someone named "C". We taught him about the restoration and invited him to read the Book of Mormon and to be baptized. He accepted the challenge to read and pray but fought the…

This week has been a great one!

This week has been a great one! Yes we are over our sickness now. I'll most likely get your package at our Christmas conference on Wednesday! I'm sure it will be great! Looking forward to it!!
We're continuing to teach 'K' in the YSA branch and he is loving what he is learning! He was very receptive to the Plan of Salvation! He loved our thoughts and feelings of the Savior we had to share with him! We are meeting with him tonight and we feel strongly that he is ready to be put on date for baptism! Pray for us and we'll see what happens! We also had a great visit with 'J' and 'Y' Norris. They have been investigating the church for awhile now but things are looking up! 'J' lost his job this week which is not a good thing but it may be a blessing in disguise! Their Sundays are now free and so we are doing all we can to help them come to church! We had a great discussion with them on the importance on the Sabbath Day and all that we should d…

Merry Christmas from Elder Brinkerhoff!


Doctrine of Christ Training (From Sister Lewis' blog)

Doctrine of Christ TrainingPosted onDecember 8, 2015by This morning we had Doctrine of Christ training here at the Mission Home for everyone in the south half of the mission who arrived about 6 weeks ago.  It’s so fun to see everyone settling into the good work and having wonderful experiences.  You can see by their faces how happy they are.It’s hard to tell who’s been here longer and who’s new–they all look comfortably experienced!The Chandlers drove down from Omak to attend the trainings today.  They’ll be here with us a couple of days.We bake lots of cookies in this house!
Hi Mom! 
Our week was alright. I got sick, though. I could feel the effects of it starting that morning so I asked Elder Peterson to give me a blessing to make it through the day. He did and I did make it through the day. However the next day I woke up and went back to sleep immediately because of how crappy I felt haha. I slept most of Thursday... It sucked! I had a sinus infection or something. Super congestion and sore throat but it got better by the next day. No sore throat but I still have slight congestion and a super gross smell in my nose. Kind of a grody week! However last Monday we started teaching a new investigator named "K"! He's pretty cool! We are meeting with him again tonight! He was referred to us by a YSA named Jared who just returned from his mission about 2 months ago. We are doing it quietly because he doesn't want pressure from the other YSA's. He's been coming to FHE and institute for about a year now and is thinking about going to BYU-…
New Missionary Exchanges with the Local MissionariesPosted onDecember 2, 2015 by Ann L. Lewisby The next 2 hours these new missionaries made more friends as our missionaries who are serving in local areas came to the mission home to pick them up and take them out to work.  There is no better way to get past any worries or anxious feelings about actually going to work, than to actually go to work.  
Elder Brinkerhoff (center):
Elder Brinkerhoff (2nd from right): n Elder Brinkerhoff (2nd from left):