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March 27th, 2017

Thank you for the package!! It arrived last week! The granola bars are the best, thanks!  I won't need to send those packages yet because I found out I'm staying here with Sister Chandler for another transfer, but very soon so I don't forget.  We don't have as much time today to do so because we had an appointment with a relief society presidency today.

I'm very happy to stay actually!  Sister Chandler and I get along great, and we now get to stay and help the investigators we've been working so hard with!  
Thanks! I'm happy about the haircut too, but it's hard to handle when my hair doesn't want to listen to me and curl at weird ends! :)  The round brush has been very helpful with that!!I tried the brush with Sister Chandler's blow dryer because that's how the brush works. Either way it helps my hair to curl in a similar direction.  Lately my hair likes to curl inward until it gets to the side my bangs are on and curls outward.  Which actu…

March 20th, 2017

Good morning, Mom!

No transfer news yet.  We're actually in a seven week transfer right now, so I won't find out what transfers will be like until NEXT WEEK. I'm stoked to find out, but every time I predict what will happen it's always the exact opposite.  I was not expecting Sister Settle and I to both leave our area.  So who knows?  Sister Chandler wants to stay here for her last transfer, and I'm not sure what I want to happen.  I've loved both the areas I've been in so far.  We're really excited for the temple open house!  They gave us cards to hand out for it.  We gave one to a potential investigator (she has to ask her preacher before she takes discussions...oh boy), and she was very happy.  She said she was planning on going with her friends in the ward. :)  
This week has been a good one, but a lot of work!  We usually have been allowed 1400 car miles per month, but Salt Lake just cut everybody.  Now we have 1000 miles, and we've already used…

March 7th, 2017

{So, I have found that I've needed to do a lot of editing before posting each email (due to content of a personal nature, not really suitable for sharing with the general public), so some of these posts look rather short!}

Hi Mom,
Things are going well!  We went to the temple this morning and I felt the spirit's presence more abundantly. We did our endowment session at eight and did a few initiatory sessions. I felt that the people I was standing in place for were there too, even though they weren't family.  I love being in the celestial room. All I needed today was some peace from hectic fast paced life, and that's exactly what I got.

We have another baptismal date from yesterday!!!   Mission life is stressful.  But it's been good. My main problem so far since being on my mission is communication, so I'm hoping to get help on that.  We've been making progress on introducing the work of salvation (Dean could probably explain that) and we've also helped the…