Monday, March 27, 2017

March 27th, 2017

Thank you for the package!! It arrived last week! The granola bars are the best, thanks!  I won't need to send those packages yet because I found out I'm staying here with Sister Chandler for another transfer, but very soon so I don't forget.  We don't have as much time today to do so because we had an appointment with a relief society presidency today.

I'm very happy to stay actually!  Sister Chandler and I get along great, and we now get to stay and help the investigators we've been working so hard with!  

Thanks! I'm happy about the haircut too, but it's hard to handle when my hair doesn't want to listen to me and curl at weird ends! :)  The round brush has been very helpful with that!! I tried the brush with Sister Chandler's blow dryer because that's how the brush works. Either way it helps my hair to curl in a similar direction.  Lately my hair likes to curl inward until it gets to the side my bangs are on and curls outward.  Which actually is a fun hairstyle at times until it gets crazy, but it works! :) I didn't tell you I got it cut because I drew a picture in Sarah's letter of us.  I had a pointer at my hair saying "you're the first to know!"  But now I'll show you the day I cut it! A friend of "C's" cut our hair in town for free.  We asked if we could pay, but she wouldn't let us.  

Sorry to hear about Dad being sick!  I sent him an email, so hopefully he'll see that when he gets home.  I'll pray for him too!

It was fun playing the violin, but the baptism itself was the best part!  I don't feel like a fantastic player, but I'm more than happy to play for people when they need a musical number at church.  I told Dad in detail what it was like, but to explain, "H" was so excited!!  That makes me feel good inside.  Not because I think I accomplished anything, but he worked and listened and was converted himself!  He's a great kid!

Women's Conference was great!  I loved President Eyring's talk the most. I found out that Bonnie H. Cordon was missionary companions with someone in our ward, Sister Shaat!!!  That was pretty cool!  And you mentioned Sister Rigby.  I forgot to tell you that she posed for a church painting!!  That's her in the front, kneeling!!

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