Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hey Mom!

I had a good week! It ended very weird but it was good! We had wonderful visits with an investigator named 'T'! On Monday we reviewed the Restoration of the gospel to give some added backbone to our lesson on the word of wisdom with him tonight. That is his major issue: he still drinks alcohol.  Thursday we met him at the stake center to introduce him to family history and it went very well! He brought family names and dates prepared and we got him going on a good start. He loved it and was very surprised at where the time went. On Tuesday we had a great first lesson with a young veteran father named 'D'. We shared the restoration with him and set a return appointment for Friday. He wasn't there but we will be checking back soon. 'C. R.' is a 13 almost 14 year old investigator. He came to our ward's Talent night activity on Friday and had a great time! Lots of fellowship and fun for him! Our biggest struggle right now is when our investigators choose not to attend church meetings and activities. We feel that once that happens, great things will happen and our investigators will finally be able to progress officially! Things are still good though. We are working hard and receiving a lot of member support.

Hope Emily continues to feel better! Not to be a downer but she will feel better just in time to experience the horrible pain of wisdom teeth extraction! She's probably tougher than me and it will be just fine though haha :)

Elder Poloncic and I both got food poisoning last night. It was bad... We ate with a family, and afterwards we went out proselyting and we both felt a bad pain in our stomachs. We came back home so I could go to the bathroom and I ended up letting all my lunch out..... I felt a lot better! We both felt okay and went to dinner. The member family fed us a super heavy lasagna. I survived but it didn't exactly agree with me... After dinner we went on some visits with a priest and we were being driven around by an adult member. During our FIRST visit to a former investigator, I had to run from the doorstep around the corner and I let out my dinner all over her bushes..... SO EMBARRASSING!!! Needless to say we called it a night after that.... I went right to sleep after we totaled up our key indicators. Then Elder Poloncic threw up twice while I was sleeping. We slept very well. This morning we felt a little sore, but much better! :)

I just got your package this morning! I will open it later on today. Transfer calls are this Saturday and I only have 20 more p-days after today! I am trying my best not to get trunky but others around me are not helping... EVERYONE asks how long I've been out and it stinks... haha One because it reminds me how much time is left and 2 because most of the time they question whether I'm lying or not! haha I look too young! Oh well, I don't care, it will be great when I'm old!!! :) keep praying that I will be able to stay focused!

I love you! hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Brinkerhoff