Monday, January 23, 2012

I've been a posting slacker, I know.  I have a new job at church, though, which is my excuse!  The Ward boundaries in our Stake changed on January 1st.  We lost quite a few families to other wards, but also gained quite a few.  That of course meant that there were callings needing to be filled, and I was very excited when the Bishop asked me to be the Primary President 3 Sundays ago!!!
(the 2012 Primary theme)
 It's been a lot of work trying to get things updated and figured out.  We gained quite a few children and the total is at "95" (not counting the Nursery....there are 19 in THAT class).  Last week I pretty much only did Primary family was neglected and my house turned into a disaster.    My biggest challenge?  I haven't served in this Primary, and I know only about a handful of kids.  We also have 11:00 church, which means we are sandwiched between two other wards and have no time to set things up, and then we have to hurry and rush out so that the next ward can come in and get ready.  I have a wonderful Secretary and Counselors, though.  I didn't know them when I submitted their names which made me a bit anxious, but they have proved to be very willing, hardworking and dependable.  (Hopefully my brain will function, and I don't drive them crazy!!!!!).

We finally got our first "real" storm last Wednesday (a whole 5 inches!).  We didn't even have to shovel because it rained afterwards and melted/washed the snow away.  OH that's MY kind of storm!!!
 We seem to get more rain than snow here, which is FINE with me!!!

Sarah throwing snowballs at the fence
 Nathan playing with a plastic baseball bat: 
(as a side note, he's pretty darn good at throwing a ball up in the air and hitting it with the bat!)

Here's Frosty (they finished him after dark.  By morning he was pretty much gone thanks to the rain!):
I'm a little confused, though.  I've never seen a snowman shaped like THIS before.  Have you? (o:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The results are in:

I figured it was about time I did a post; I mean, I'm sure that the suspense is killing you.  I never revealed who the "Poor unfortunate soul" was:  CHANON.  It was Chanon...poor guy (but better him than me...he didn't get it LAST time if you'll recall).  I felt nauseated for a week, though (and even took a pregnancy test, just in case, but thankfully the results were negative.......whew!).  That was mercifully the end of the crud.  No one else fell victim, and no one is more grateful than I am!  NO one.

On a different note:

Look!  It's a Sunny 30 degrees today (which resulted in me freezing my tail off all day...even with a sweatshirt on IN THE HOUSE).
Feels like 30?  You're darn right it does!!!!

 The sun'll come out tomorrow though, with a high of 39!

 Wow...Saturday's even better.  I think I'll clean out the garage.  The resulting organization would be a real great thing for my sanity.
While I'm cleaning out the garage, I have two kids who might want to think about cleaning up their grades
 just a little bit so that next semester's end results will be a little more cheerful:
The last column shows the final semester grades. 

Dean says the "F" is for "Fabulous".
 Ah well, so physics isn't one of Dean's strong points (it wasn't "regular" physics, it was a college level course).
Drawing is, though!
 (Yes, that's free-handed work.  Maybe he'll still be able to get into Cal Arts!!!!!)

(The results of hard work.  This one speaks for itself!)

 Like father, like daughter (Sarah):
 All better now, though (and I didn't even have to operate this time....what is it with my family and these infected fingers?)

On a brighter note, Sarah is learning to go potty!  I realized that, because of baby spacing, stubborn kids, etc., I have spent about 15 of the last 18 years changing diapers.  Seriously?  Yah!  At least there is now a light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!  She just doesn't want to go "poop" yet.  Ah well, we'll get there some day!

 End Results of my little laptop "desk" idea/creation.  I wanted someplace a little more workable to keep my laptop. It is two closet organizer shelf-thingies with a white 4-foot single shelf board across the top (glued and screwed on).

My visual weight loss reminder:  
There are 640 rocks in this vase...each one represents 1/10th of a pound.  I get to remove one rock for every 1/10th pound lost.  1 pound = 10 rocks gone.  I could probably stand to lose a few more than 64 pounds, but I'd say this is good enough.  I got the idea from a pin on "Pinterest"!  Hopefully this little visual will help bring some skinny results and I'll get to post about an empty vessel!