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November 28th

Hi Mom!!!!  

We have a little bit of decorations, but no Christmas tree.  Sister Chandler and I were going to see if there were any small ones at Walmart, but we're not sure if we'll find any.  That would be cool if you sent one, but whatever you would like to do! :)  It will be hard not to open the Christmas box!
Thanksgiving was fun!  We only had one service opportunity, but it was fun!  All the missionaries got together and went somewhere to serve Thanksgiving dinner for those who didn't have anywhere special to go.  
We did that until about noon and then went to the "H's" place.  Their friends who were there (one of them is not a member) invited us to their place for lunch this past Saturday.  Sister Chandler's great aunt, who lives close, invited us over as well.  We weren't sure if that was even allowed, so we asked the mission president over the phone.  He asked Sister Chandler what she thought she should do, but after she told him that the fam…

November Email Excerpts

NOVEMBER 21st: Hello Mom!    I got sick again conveniently during transfers, but I'm doing a little better now.  It never seems to fully go away. I hope Dean and Amy will feel better soon!  Dad said Nathan wasn't feeling super hot himself.  Do an easy dinner if you get sick!! :) Thanksgiving is an all service day for the missionaries. So far we haven't been able to find too many options except for one project for sure.  If we have to I'm sure we'll just knock on doors in work clothes and ask. :)     Sister Chandler is a lot of fun!  We live in a small rental house.  We actually have two new investigators in the house connected to ours!  I don't have a picture of it yet, but I will send one!  The housing inspectors came by the day after transfers and were not pleased with its keep up, so we're going to clean up A LOT today.  It's mainly the kitchen that needs work.  At least they can't blame me since I just got here!  We cleaned up most of it this morn…