Monday, November 28, 2016

November 28th

Hi Mom!!!!  

We have a little bit of decorations, but no Christmas tree.  Sister Chandler and I were going to see if there were any small ones at Walmart, but we're not sure if we'll find any.  That would be cool if you sent one, but whatever you would like to do! :)  It will be hard not to open the Christmas box!

Thanksgiving was fun!  We only had one service opportunity, but it was fun!  All the missionaries got together and went somewhere to serve Thanksgiving dinner for those who didn't have anywhere special to go.  

We did that until about noon and then went to the "H's" place.  Their friends who were there (one of them is not a member) invited us to their place for lunch this past Saturday.  Sister Chandler's great aunt, who lives close, invited us over as well.  We weren't sure if that was even allowed, so we asked the mission president over the phone.  He asked Sister Chandler what she thought she should do, but after she told him that the family members there were not members of the church he was all for it (as long as we shared something about the gospel)! 😊  It was fun, but they weren't super thrilled with talking about the gospel.  They all kept referring to us by our first names, which is expected I guess but it sounds weird after being called Sister Brinkerhoff for 4 months! 

Sorry this is taking me so long to write!!!  This week went by fast!  We have a girl named "A" getting baptized this Thursday (they've had it planned for a while now and there was STILL a ward Christmas party scheduled on the same day!!!  Some rescheduling had to be done, and so many people in that ward were confused).  

People keep joking around that our house is haunted, which is funny unless you happen to be the one living there!!  I don't know how long ago this happened, but apparently someone was beat up and shot in our house.  Not a super pleasant thought.  There are bullet holes over fixed glass to prove it!!  I've been ok, but being the sissy I am the nights are kind of creepy when I hear the house settling.  What comforts me is that the house has been blessed and the Lord is watching over my companion and I always as we do what we are supposed to do. :)

I got a blessing for my past sick days.  I was also comforted and reassured that I would stay healthy and alright.  I was told in the blessing that Heavenly Father was aware of my circumstances and how I feel mentally and spiritually.  He will help me as I do my best and I will be given help as I make changes throughout my mission.

Have a great week!  I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving!  The pie must have been really good on Saturday!  Don't worry, I'm sure everyone loved the other pies as well.  

I love you!
~Sister Brinkerhoff    

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