Sunday, December 11, 2016

December 5th

Hi Mom!  
My week went well!  Poor Sister Chandler is already feeling trunky, and she doesn't leave until April!  We had some comp. inventory about that last week...
I think it's just hard for her particularly because it's the Christmas season.
How big is the tree?  I read your email AFTER Sister Chandler asked the mission office for one.  We have a small tree in front of our window now!!  Sorry!!! The bright side is that we're teaching someone who doesn't have one yet, so maybe we can give it to her?  I'm sure she'd appreciate it.  She's been struggling financially for a while, but she's a wonderful person!  

Here is the latest picture of my new zone:

Hey, just so you know, I thought a lot about you December 2nd.  For the #lighttheworld Christmas Initiative that day was honoring our mothers and fathers like Christ did.  If you've seen the website or the advent calendar you probably read the first idea it gives, "call (not text) your parents."  Yeah, our mission president made it very clear to us to not do that until Christmas. 😖 
So I wanted to say that I love you!❤  I hope that was a good day for you, and if it wasn't then hugs your way!

Here's a picture of the baptism we had last Thursday! Have a lovely week!

I love you too!
~Sister Brinkerhoff  

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