Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Elfis and the Sleigh Riders"

What's cuter than a bunch of 1st and 2nd graders putting on a Christmas play?  Not much!!!!
 Here are most of the 1st Graders (the second graders are on the other side of the stage and since I don't have a 2nd grader, I didn't bother to take their picture).
 This was probably the cutest Elementary "concert"/program I have ever seen.  The music teacher here is amazing and prepared the kids thoroughly.  I was so impressed at how well those little 1st graders performed.  The elves, and other characters not shown here, had multiple speaking parts and they did an amazing job.  They looked and sounded like little actors (it kinda reminded me of the 90's Little Rascals movie).  The 1st graders also learned 6 songs...most of which had choreography.
 Nathan actually SANG and did some of the choreography!  Usually in any school program he has been a part of in the past, he has just stood with his hands over his ears......and didn't participate.  He did get distracted sometimes and just wanted to watch what was happening on stage (instead of looking at the music teacher) but he is making progress and it's really exciting!!!! (o:  (By the way, Nathan is on the front row, in the grey sweatshirt.)
And guess what?  At the end of the program, the Principal actually said, "Merry Christmas"!!!!!!  Imagine that! ha ha.  I think I like it here.


The Browns said...

SO cute! Love it!

OH so I just saw your "I'll just lay here and let my sparkling boyfriend do all the work" thing. That is hilarious. When you went to Disneyland did you see Aladdin at California Adventure? If not you TOTALLY missed out. BUT ANYWAY, the genie is HILARIOUS and is ALWAYS ad-libbing. This last time we went he said, "And I can't bring people back from the wanna know why? Because I'm not EDWARD! SPARKLE SPARKLE SPARKLE!" SO FUNNY! Next time you go to Disneyland you HAVE to see that show if you haven't already. The Genie is what MAKES that show worth watching over and over and over again! =]

Carolyn Smith said...

Hurrah for Nathan. I am so glad he sang this time. I remember last year. Tell him Grandma is very proud of him. Maybe these kids can say parts well because they have been giving talks in Primary since they were three...what do you think?