Tuesday, December 6, 2011

~Oh Christmas Tree~

Time again to Deck the Halls!!!
 Last year I learned the hard way that breakable ornaments probably aren't a good idea for a few years, so I bought some shatter-resistant ones for the tree this year.  Nathan and Sarah were obsessive about 
re-arranging the ornaments last year and we lost quite a few special ones...especially when they ended up knocking the tree over.  The special ones that survived stayed boxed up this year.  So far, they haven't even touched the tree (that I've seen).......that figures!!!!

Here Dean is untangling the ornament hooks for me:
 FYI:  That big white ornament is an Angel....not an insect (just thought you ought to know)!
 Nearly done (and look, they are standing in "stair steps"!!!)

Amy and Nathan Rockin' around the Christmas Tree!
 Enjoying the atmosphere
 Time for treats:
 Merry Christmas!!!!

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Emily said...

Merry Christmas, and thanks for the cookies!