Tuesday, December 27, 2011


We had a very, merry Christmas and we hope you did, too!  It was a little different this year, being in a new place, and in a new house, and having Christmas on Sunday with 9:00 church (even though we were only supposed to have Sacrament meeting, it still lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes)!!!!!  Sarah threw up again Christmas Eve, so we decided we weren't going to risk taking her to church.   We all could've stayed home if it weren't for the fact that 4 of us were part of the Christmas program.....oh well.  Chanon stayed home with Sarah and Nathan (Nathan had to stay home also, otherwise he'd be sitting all by himself in the congregation while the rest of us were on the stand in front.  Not a good idea.  Also, not a real wise idea to have him sit on the stand with us.).

Hmmmm....what to do about opening presents?  We discussed our options, and chose to not put gifts out until AFTER church, which was WEIRD but definitely a must.  We weren't sure we'd have time to do Christmas before church and we didn't want to be rushed.  Also, Nathan and Sarah would've gone crazy if they knew it was Christmas morning but had to wait until we got home from church before ripping into the stockings and presents sitting out in plain sight, taunting them.  So, everything stayed tucked away until we got home.  Then we shooed the kids into their bedrooms, and, while Chanon stood guard, I quickly put everything in place and snapped a couple of pictures:

~Stockings on the couch~
 ~Gifts under the tree~
(Darn, the picture is blurry.  What can I say?.....I was in a rush!)

"Nathan, Sarah, come downstairs.....we've got a surprise for you!!!!!!  Guess what?  It's Christmas!"  

Needless to say, they were pretty excited!  

The kids checked out their stockings first, which is usual and customary at our house:

 (Yay, "Jeff Gorvette!)
(Pretty rings!)

Then on to the presents:
(there's NO time like the presents! he he)

(Amy passed them out to everyone)

 The aftermath:

P.S.....Thanks, Uncle Greg!