Friday, December 23, 2011

Stomach flu...."ROUND TWO!"

Here we go again, and two days before Christmas!  Seems like we just went through this recently.....hmmmmm.....oh yes, that's right:  3 months ago (usually it's been a couple of years in-between episodes)!  And it was Sarah who started us out that time also.  She woke up sick this morning and thankfully avoided any "mess" on the carpet.  I moved her downstairs where we only have hard floors (those are a little easier to clean up than carpet).
Oh crud.  I just remembered ~I was second in line last time.  DARN IT!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't get sick....I have to play the piano on Sunday (yah....not to mention that it's also CHRISTMAS)!!!!!!!


The Browns said...

Gag! Good luck with that!!! Ben had it about 2 weeks ago and Elizabeth got it a day later. Luckily Julie and I were spared. It was bad enough cleaning it up. YUCK!!!!

YAY! about Mountain View Pediatrics though. =] That's awesome!

Carolyn Smith said...

Poor Sarah. Tell her that Grandma said to get better soon. HOpefully it is just the 24 hour bug. Maybe no one else will get it. We can always hope... Right?