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October 31st

Hi mom!  

I got your package (and Grandma's letter), but I didn't get a letter from you. I do love the candy and decorations though! :) I also just got Grandma's package!  Thank you guys!!! I love you!!!  We went to a trunk or treat last Saturday because they were having a chili cook off and a lot of people we see and teach were there! All less active, but there was a lady whose less-active husband came and we think he might come to church as well!

The baptism on Saturday went well!  I'll see if I can send pictures, but I didn't bring a usb cord for the camera and I keep borrowing from other missionaries.  "D" (the investigator) and his wife (member) were very happy!  He wanted his home teacher to baptize him, which he did. Brother Watts is great!  Sister Settle and I along with WML Brother Thurman got everything prepared.  Sister Settle and I also gave the talks on baptism and the Holy Ghost (basically a review for him since we've been teaching him).�…

October 24th

Hi Mom!  

Yep, I had a good week (a pretty fast one though).  We did exchanges on friday and Sister Stein and I taught six less active lessons!  The directions are still difficult sometimes because I don't drive, but it was easy enough to figure out where we were going.  Sister Settle switched back with a sore throat, but she feels a little better as the days go on.  Aw, sorry you're not feeling good again.  Hope you can get some rest! :)

Our investigator is getting baptized on the 29th if all goes well!  We're super excited!!  However, he and his wife told us that they were leaving for Arizona in December, but they surprised us and said that they are leaving the day after his confirmation.  He can only be ordained to the Priesthood a week after his baptism and confirmation, so we've talked to the bishop and he'll try to get his records transferred there so that he can receive the Priesthood!  It would be bad for him to get lost in our records because baptism isn…

October 17th Email Exerpt

Hello again!

I emailed Dad, but tell him I said Happy Birthday!   
That's cool that you've been able to find service opportunities!  How did you find them?  Did people just ask you, or did you search out and volunteer?  I always felt bad because I didn't feel like I did enough to help people back home, but I love serving here.  
This week's been a little crazy.  It's way too cold for October! I'll see if I can call the mission president this week so that I can prepare for weather 25 degrees below zero!  We have been focusing a lot on our recent convert and his wife. 
Our investigators are doing great!  We didn't get to meet again with our new investigator, but we're working on seeing them another time. They had to cancel because they were watching an LDS movie with their boss (that's all we learned in a text) :).  There are two families in the Cottonwood ward that were less active, but they've been more active now!  The work is really improving …

October 10th

Dear Mom,
Thanks for the email! My week's been good.  We've changed our strategy with receiving referrals and it's working a lot better than in the past.  After we call people to make sure it's still ok to come over for dinner we ask them to think of a someone who would benefit from our visit, and they usually have an idea the next day!  We've received a few more referrals since then, and in the Foothill ward we recently got a new investigator!  
Wow, Sarah will get baptized on Nov. 5th, huh?  That'll be cool!  Man, I wish I could be there!  Tell Sarah that day that I love her. 
Dean's birthday and her baptism can distract us from the coming election! :)  Speaking of which, should I leave an absentee ballot?  How do I go about doing that?  I'm just asking because they encouraged us to vote if we could. They're not forcing us to, but I figured I should.  I just don't know who to vote for!  I heard someone talking about another potential candidate …
Hi everyone!  

I can't believe myself for taking this long to finally do a mass email!!  Anyhow, my companion, Sister Settle, and I have been getting along great, but we've had an interesting week...

So I'm still learning and have felt a little shaky as a missionary.  That's why this Monday was a little scary!  Now, I have been on an exchange out of my area, but I had never stayed in my area during an exchange before.  This wouldn't have been too bad except for the fact that I usually send texts on our dinosaur LG phone and I don't pay that much attention to learning my way around the area (no drivers license, at least until AFTER my mission).  Luckily the sisters here are super nice and understanding, but I was still nervous.  
Well, after p-day was over we went somewhere to swap with the Sister Training Leaders and Sister Fabrici took the wheel for the day.  I thought we were going to get a ride from the Foothill Ward Mission Leader and spend time in the Footh…