Monday, October 31, 2016

October 24th

Hi Mom!  

Yep, I had a good week (a pretty fast one though).  We did exchanges on friday and Sister Stein and I taught six less active lessons!  The directions are still difficult sometimes because I don't drive, but it was easy enough to figure out where we were going.  Sister Settle switched back with a sore throat, but she feels a little better as the days go on.  Aw, sorry you're not feeling good again.  Hope you can get some rest! :)

Our investigator is getting baptized on the 29th if all goes well!  We're super excited!!  However, he and his wife told us that they were leaving for Arizona in December, but they surprised us and said that they are leaving the day after his confirmation.  He can only be ordained to the Priesthood a week after his baptism and confirmation, so we've talked to the bishop and he'll try to get his records transferred there so that he can receive the Priesthood!  It would be bad for him to get lost in our records because baptism isn't the last step!

Man, I think the only crazy stuff that happened at those apartments when I was home was that person that shot himself, and now all that is happening!  I think Sarah and I could sleep through anything!  Although last night was weird.  I went to sleep a little early and woke up at midnight thinking it was time to get up.  When I saw the time I went back to bed, but I kept doing that the rest of the night!  And this isn't the first time that this has happened.😅   

That was sweet of Grandma B, and I'm so sorry her daughter passed away.  No hurries here.  Maybe if I can I should write her a letter too.

Ok, I'll decide what I want to do about the elections.  As soon as I get the ballot I'll get it filled out and sent.  I don't watch tv, but from what I've heard Hillary's going crazy.  That's mostly what Sister Settle and I hear whenever we try to get the focus back on the lessons or scriptures! :)  I've heard so many people worrying about voting for the lesser of two evils, but I haven't heard too much about Trump. Just that he's a jerk.   

I love and I hope you have a happy day!
~Sister Brinkerhoff

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