Monday, October 3, 2016

Hi everyone!  

I can't believe myself for taking this long to finally do a mass email!!  Anyhow, my companion, Sister Settle, and I have been getting along great, but we've had an interesting week...

So I'm still learning and have felt a little shaky as a missionary.  That's why this Monday was a little scary!  Now, I have been on an exchange out of my area, but I had never stayed in my area during an exchange before.  This wouldn't have been too bad except for the fact that I usually send texts on our dinosaur LG phone and I don't pay that much attention to learning my way around the area (no drivers license, at least until AFTER my mission).  Luckily the sisters here are super nice and understanding, but I was still nervous.  

Well, after p-day was over we went somewhere to swap with the Sister Training Leaders and Sister Fabrici took the wheel for the day.  I thought we were going to get a ride from the Foothill Ward Mission Leader and spend time in the Foothill ward for a while.  We ended up spending the rest of the evening with members and investigators from the ward!  No complaints there! I didn't have to tell anyone where to go!! 😊 We taught a couple of good lessons and left feeling happy.  The last person we stopped over to see was the WML's own dad, and he and Sister Fabrici had a great (and slightly long) conversation.  He ended up sharing more personal feelings than his son thought he would!  Score for Sister Fabrici!! :)

We went home while I used a list Sister Settle had left me.  It had a list of people we could possibly see that day and a few words of love and encouragement.  The next morning Sister Fabrici and I spent our time in the Ucon and Monument ward areas while I tried to make sense of the maps we had.  Luckily Sister Fabrici was a big help.  We encouraged everyone we talked to to watch General Conference, and we also invited them to try out family history work and attending church.  The missionaries I serve with here are waaaaaaay bolder than me!

So after all that, We swapped back and made our way to our next appointment.  We had been left a text message the night before from someone who is less active, and long story short, she wanted this lesson to be the last.  Sister Settle had been concerned about it the entire time she had been in Rigby with Sister Stein.  Turns out, people sound a lot more angry in texts than they actually are! 😛  This mom in particular has a daughter that was recently baptized and was having recent convert lessons.  The only problem was that they were still less active, and I don't know if they realized that we were still coming because of that.  She had been told that we would share six more lessons, and we had been sharing way more than that, so she wanted it to stop so that they had more family time.  We respected that and she said that we could visit anytime.

Amidst that whole time, Sister Settle learned that she would have to attend a Mission Leader Conference meeting.  So we started wondering if she was going to be a Sister Training Leader and get transferred.  Another long story short, there a couple of training meetings that some of the the Sisters in our zone had to go to, so we had to schedule splits like crazy and make backup ideas if things didn't go according to plan!  My companion and I have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off, all the while wondering what will happen at transfer time.
Last Friday I went on splits with Sister Hastings and Sister Mackley in Iona and did some service with them while Sister Settle went to a meeting.  Then we watched conference this past weekend and got to relax for a little bit.  At least until there was a tornado warning and we had to go home a 7:30 instead of 9 (no worries, nothing ended up happening! Just a fun lighting and rain storm).  We got our call early from President Nelson so that he could talk to Sister Settle about being a STL, and it turns out... drumroll...WE'RE BOTH STAYING! After driving back and forth to different meetings and going through crazy schedules and wondering how we will pack we're staying in Ucon! Ha ha!  Well, no complaints!  I love it here!  The only crazy thing about it all is that Sister Settle will end up being here for half of her mission.  And she's never been in any other area!!

Well, that was my week, how was yours? Ha ha!  Don't worry if you don't get to send me emails often because we all have busy lives! Just know that I love you all and I will hopefully remember to email you!

I love ya'll! Never change! 😊 

~Sister Brinkerhoff      

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