Monday, October 31, 2016

October 17th Email Exerpt

Hello again!

I emailed Dad, but tell him I said Happy Birthday!   

That's cool that you've been able to find service opportunities!  How did you find them?  Did people just ask you, or did you search out and volunteer?  I always felt bad because I didn't feel like I did enough to help people back home, but I love serving here.  

This week's been a little crazy.  It's way too cold for October! I'll see if I can call the mission president this week so that I can prepare for weather 25 degrees below zero!  We have been focusing a lot on our recent convert and his wife. 

Our investigators are doing great!  We didn't get to meet again with our new investigator, but we're working on seeing them another time. They had to cancel because they were watching an LDS movie with their boss (that's all we learned in a text) :).  There are two families in the Cottonwood ward that were less active, but they've been more active now!  The work is really improving here!  

I'm glad everyone's doing a little better! No new pictures yet, but I'm working on it! :)  I need to take pictures of my residence!
I love you so much!
~Sister Brinkerhoff

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