Monday, December 7, 2015

Hi Mom! 
Our week was alright. I got sick, though. I could feel the effects of it starting that morning so I asked Elder Peterson to give me a blessing to make it through the day. He did and I did make it through the day. However the next day I woke up and went back to sleep immediately because of how crappy I felt haha. I slept most of Thursday... It sucked! I had a sinus infection or something. Super congestion and sore throat but it got better by the next day. No sore throat but I still have slight congestion and a super gross smell in my nose. Kind of a grody week! However last Monday we started teaching a new investigator named "K"! He's pretty cool! We are meeting with him again tonight! He was referred to us by a YSA named Jared who just returned from his mission about 2 months ago. We are doing it quietly because he doesn't want pressure from the other YSA's. He's been coming to FHE and institute for about a year now and is thinking about going to BYU-I so he wants to join the church if it's right for him! How cool is that? My being sick meant we had to cancel our meeting with him on Thursday, so I was annoyed of that... It ruined my day for sure!
I love your package though! I appreciate it! You will be hopefully receiving a package on Friday as well! I just sent one this morning too! :) You will find inside: Christmas cards! Books! Pictures! A computer mouse and misc cords! My Mission Call! A DVD! Old Letters & papers! Ties! Socks! Lightsaber! So exciting right? 
Found out I will be going to family on Christmas! We're spending the day with Bishop Kimzey and his family (He and I are 4th cousins... I told you right?) We will skype there and President let us know it's 45 minutes max...What time would you like me to skype you? I will be able to call you the day before of course to set it up. 
The Devo was pretty good. I loved Elder Bednar's talk about how Christ is the Light. I learned a lot!! I worry about President Monson as well... I have a feeling we will be seeing President Nelson replace him soon (Or whoever becomes the next prophet anyway...) 
That blog sounds cool! And I can't believe you saw the Pizza planet truck! That's so cool! I would love to see that in person. 
Have you guys seen the new Christmas initiative website? The videos are alright but we are excited for the new focus on Christmas this month! We received new pass along cards for "A Savior is Born" and we are sharing it with everyone at dinners and door approaches and everything!!! I love Christmas. I just can't wait until I can be with you guys next year!! Can't believe how close I am to being home! The senior couples are all teasing me about not having a license yet and they tell me that I'm going to be like Tom Hanks in the movie Terminal haha I haven't seen it but I've heard about it. Elder Thompson said I could stay with them though if I get stuck here haha
Well, I LOVE YOU! BYE! Have a great week!
-Elder B

Elder Burbank and I at the mission home the day before he got transferred to Cle Elum in the Selah zone :'(

Elder Painter and I outside the mission home

We took some funny pictures last night with our Christmas tree (Elder P bought it all total for like, $25)

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