Wednesday, December 2, 2015

New Missionary Exchanges with the Local Missionaries

2015-12-1 (105)The next 2 hours these new missionaries made more friends as our missionaries who are serving in local areas came to the mission home to pick them up and take them out to work.  There is no better way to get past any worries or anxious feelings about actually going to work, than to actually go to work.  2015-12-1 (106)2015-12-1 (109)2015-12-1 (118)2015-12-1 (124)2015-12-1 (113)2015-12-1 (107)

Elder Brinkerhoff (center):
2015-12-1 (131)2015-12-1 (122)2015-12-1 (116)

Elder Brinkerhoff (2nd from right):
2015-12-1 (114)n2015-12-1 (135)2015-12-1 (128)
Elder Brinkerhoff (2nd from left):
2015-12-1 (130)2015-12-1 (110)2015-12-1 (111)2015-12-1 (126)2015-12-1 (120)2015-12-1 (129)2015-12-1 (133)2015-12-1 (117)2015-12-1 (104)2015-12-1 (119)After having some wonderful and even some miraculous experiences, we all gathered together again to share what happened.  This is one of the best parts of our day.  Fear and worry turn to love and excitement when new missionaries actually start meeting the people here.  Everyone’s hearts came back larger.  It was sweet.2015-12-1 (141).JPG2015-12-1 (143)2015-12-1 (140)2015-12-1 (142)

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