Monday, November 30, 2015

Hey Mom! Happy Thanksgiving!

Boy what a week! 3 exchanges! Thanksgiving! Transfer calls! (We're staying by the way), Alex Boye! Craziness!

We spent Thanksgiving at the Akin's! It was fun! Loads of food and good company! They have 4-5 kids who all have some sort of disability. A couple with Aspergers, another with a medical condition etc. Very interesting family dynamics but they are awesome! Their youngest boy wanted us to play Twister of all games RIGHT after eating... Elder Peterson and I decided to give it a shot and had a good time even though we were so full! haha

 It's been snowing off and on this week. It's super cold! Went on Exchanges with Elder Burbank in his area and we biked for a good chunk of it. I can now officially say that I have biked on my mission!! In 21 degree winter cold to boot! Whoo!  It was great!

Elder Burbank and Elder Ranta are both getting transferred. I LOVE Elder Burbank to death so it's sad to see him go but he's only going to Selah so I will see him again. Also Elder Krogue (ZL) just got called to be AP because Elder Archibald is going home. We are receiving Elder Rosenkrantz to be our new ZL (YAY!) with Elder Wilkey. And Elder Holden (YAY!) will be replacing Elder Ranta in Zillah as DL in the other District. He was one of my roommates in Wenatchee so I am so excited! Lot's of interesting things happening! I was sad to hear that Sister Ring went home in the transfer call.

ANYWAYS! Alex Boye was interesting... He's a nut! Apparently he went to church in Yakima 2nd ward with President Smart and Brother Tree! Thought it was kinda cool that he was tight with them! President Smart is really rich and knows a lot of people. Alex had lots of funny life stories of converting to the church and working at McDonalds! Then he walked around the audience shaking people's hands and touching them lightly as he sang.. Super funny! He told us to troll people online by sharing the Book of Mormon and Missionaries phone numbers everywhere and also to read the Book of Mormon every day until we die. It was fun to see him. 

Haven't gotten the box yet because the mission office has been closed until today but I should get it today hopefully. Because our cars are new, they are finally installing tiwi's in them this morning right now. Our p-day is slightly on hold until that's all done...

Last requests.... um how about Alex Boye's "Let it go" if possible.. hahaha Elder Peterson is a Frozen Freak and he's never heard it before :)

Well, Hope you have a great week and that I get my package today! I love you! Take care!

-Elder Brinkerhoff

PS: This is me immediately after getting off the bike (haha):

My first Washington Honeycrisp! (SO GOOD):

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