Monday, November 23, 2015

My Life is so Crazy!!!

Hey Mom! 
This week I went on 3 exchanges and I'm looking at 3 more this week! My life is so crazy! I feel like my days are going so fast though! I definitely feel blessed through all I'm having to do! We found three new investigators after knocking on a door 5 minutes before dinner! We shared a 5 minute message with a sweet Hispanic family and they invited us back! We don't yet know how solid they will be but we are hoping they continue! We are also working with another little family. They are investigators we inherited when we got here. They are so golden but the thing holding them back is not being able to attend church. They also haven't felt a sure answer for themselves about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon but they are amazing and read it a lot! They are some of the most spiritually in tune people I've met in awhile!

Had interviews with President and Sister Lewis! Always fun!

We are having Thanksgiving with the Akin family and we are so excited! Can't wait for the Christmas boxes! 

We have had mostly rain lately and a little snow flurry today. It's not supposed to be too intense of a winter this year.

Hope you get feeling better! Yes I did feel better... after drinking a Monster Energy drink! (I never drink those by the way...) That's the only drink the Elders had other than water and it was actually extremely soothing to drink afterwards! 

Your letter should be here today or tomorrow!! 

I love you! Hope you feel better and that all continues to go well!!!

Love ELder B :)

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