Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Hi Mom! It's been a good week! Everything is Ok!

I've been running around like mad because I have 8 Elders in my district and I have to exchange with each of them this transfer! I'm basically spending half my time out of the area, then in haha! It was so much easier with Sister missionaries because the Sister Training Leaders would do that for me and then report on how it went! Oh well, it's fun :)

We stopped in at the Mission office the day that you called and picked up something for E Peterson. They were telling me that they loved talking to you! haha I love the Calls and the Thompsons so much! 

For music can you send a copy of Kenny G Faith and perhaps see if there's any Disney Motab? haha! A tie would be cool if possible! I don't know... I seriously don't really want much. Just something easy :)

Yeah, I got an email from both grandma and Bishop Brown and they told me about the changes in the wards too! Sounds crazy! Hope things will make some sort of sense when I come home! haha Our wards are going through the same.

We spoke in the YSA sacrament mtg yesterday. It was different! I haven't spoken in church for awhile! I do things so different now! I used to write out my talks word for word. Now I just make bullet points and use my own words.

I interviewed 3 kids for baptism for the Summitview ward this week. A 17 and 10 year old girl and a 12 year old boy. All siblings. Great kids!! They were baptized yesterday. President Lewis and the Thompson's were there. 

We haven't gotten any snow but we've gotten a lot of rain. It's weird! Never seen this much on my mission!

Hope you get feeling well! I felt sick the week of my birthday but I'm over it now thank goodness! I ate a jalepeno pepper this morning! Elder Burbank had them and he gave one to his comp Elder Bird and to E Peterson as well. We were all dying afterwards haha

Well, Hope you have a great week! Rest! Sleep! Wish I could. haha Take care I love you! -Elder Brinkerhoff

PS> A letter is on its way! :)


Hey Mom! I have like no time but here's a few quick things:

1. Elder Thompson (mission office) called me this week letting me know that my state ID is now expired as of my birthday so.... I have no idea how I'm going to get home. Is there a way for you to renew my ID? I doubt it but you never know.

2. Halloween was boring but it's my last one!! :)

3. Went to the temple today! That was weird to leave the mission and go back to the tri-cities but it wa sgreat! Met Sister Hillebrant from Duportail in the celestial room after the session and she filled me in on everything. They all want me to come visit haha I definitely will try to visit Duportail one day!

4. I have no idea what else to say but THANK YOU for the letters and package! Please let Grandma know I am thankful for her letters and boxes too! It helps me a lot!! PS WHat is written on the back of dad's card envelope? It's like random letters "MR DUX.." etc

5. Stay safe!! Hope you all have a great week!

I love you! Will probably have better e-mails next week! haha

-Elder B

Picked a bunch of apples in the cottonwood canyon ward with the zone at Elder and Sister Smith's house! So fun!! Even got to take some home!

Our Beautiful Car:

At the Temple

Temple Trips!

2015-11-4 Temple Trip 1This week and next week each of our 9 zones will be taking a trip to the Columbia River Temple in Richland, about 1.5 hours from here.  Today was the first group to go.  There are 3 Temples districts the members in our area are assigned to–the Columbia River, Portland and Spokane.  Our Elders and Sisters will have an opportunity to attend the Columbia River Temple twice a year with their zones.  What a wonderful blessing this will be to our missionaries, as they are reminded of sacred covenants they have made!
The ride home:
(Elder B. is in the very back--the one with all the hair! ha ha)2015-11-4 Temple Trip 2

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