Monday, December 14, 2015

This week has been a great one!

This week has been a great one! Yes we are over our sickness now. I'll most likely get your package at our Christmas conference on Wednesday! I'm sure it will be great! Looking forward to it!!
We're continuing to teach 'K' in the YSA branch and he is loving what he is learning! He was very receptive to the Plan of Salvation! He loved our thoughts and feelings of the Savior we had to share with him! We are meeting with him tonight and we feel strongly that he is ready to be put on date for baptism! Pray for us and we'll see what happens! We also had a great visit with 'J' and 'Y' Norris. They have been investigating the church for awhile now but things are looking up! 'J' lost his job this week which is not a good thing but it may be a blessing in disguise! Their Sundays are now free and so we are doing all we can to help them come to church! We had a great discussion with them on the importance on the Sabbath Day and all that we should do on it. They were planning on coming yesterday but they weren't able to make it unfortunately.
We went on exchanges with Elders Johnson and Oliverson and we had a great time! We focused on OYM's and sharing the new 'A Savior is Born' initiative and we saw a lot of success!

Love you! Have a great week! Love Elder Brinkerhoff

Just got a haircut today!

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