Friday, December 11, 2015

Doctrine of Christ Training (From Sister Lewis' blog)

Doctrine of Christ Training

2015-12-8 (1)This morning we had Doctrine of Christ training here at the Mission Home for everyone in the south half of the mission who arrived about 6 weeks ago.  It’s so fun to see everyone settling into the good work and having wonderful experiences.  You can see by their faces how happy they are.2015-12-8 (17)2015-12-8 (19)It’s hard to tell who’s been here longer and who’s new–they all look comfortably experienced!2015-12-8 (32)2015-12-8 (12)2015-12-8 (5)2015-12-8 (7)2015-12-8 (10)2015-12-8 (38)2015-12-8 (8)2015-12-8 (30)2015-12-8 (11)2015-12-8 (18)2015-12-8 (13)The Chandlers drove down from Omak to attend the trainings today.  They’ll be here with us a couple of days.2015-12-8 (6)2015-12-8 (36)2015-12-8 (29)2015-12-8 (14)2015-12-8 (33)2015-12-8 (34)2015-12-8 (20)2015-12-8 (35)2015-12-8 (22)We bake lots of cookies in this house!2015-12-8 (24)2015-12-8 (40)2015-12-8 (4)2015-12-8 (25)2015-12-8 (16)In our training today, Elders Carter and Krogue taught about Agency, Obedience and Repentance.  They are masterful teachers.
I taught from 2 Nephi 31-33 about the Doctrine of Christ.  We talked about language and the tongue of angels, about fulfilling all righteousness and about layered witnesses in our scriptures.  We also talked about the symbolism of the strait and narrow gate as we discussed faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.  The doctrine of Christ is beautiful doctrine.
President Lewis taught about how to effectively teach this Doctrine of Christ.  We talked about how you can recognize if someone is living this doctrine.  It shows in their countenance.  They are happy, open, changing, repenting, turned outward, they serve others, they have a glow, they trust, they are improving and they are humble.
He taught that our words must be confirmed by His Spirit.  Our love for the Lord must be our overriding motivator, and answers to prayer about the truth of what we teach must come from God through personal revelation.
Elders Wilkey and Rosenkrantz (local ZLs) also taught and helped conduct role plays to help everyone practice the things we learned.  It was a wonderful morning!

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